China: Toyota, Suzhou Jinlong and Changyun Bus Sign Fuel Cell Bus Cooperation Agreement

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Jinlong and Toyota Main

Recently, Toyota, Suzhou Jinlong, Shanghai Remodeling Energy Technology and Changyun Bus signed a hydrogen energy industry strategic cooperation framework agreement to jointly promote the rapid and high-quality development of the hydrogen energy industry in Suzhou.

The agreement is created to seize upon the opportunity of hydrogen energy development, actively promote the coordinated development of the Yangtze River Delta hydrogen energy industry chain, and accelerate the strategic cooperation agreement.

Suzhou Jinlong is teaming up with Toyota and Shanghai Remodeling Technology to jointly develop and manufacture a hydrogen fuel cell powered bus, and take the lead bus as the first demonstration operating units of hydrogen fuel cell buses in Changshu.

Jinlong and Toyota 1As the world’s leading researcher in hydrogen fuel cell technology, Toyota ranks first in the world in terms of patents, including fuel cell group patents, high-pressure hydrogen storage tank patents, fuel cell system control patents, and hydrogen refueling station related patents;

Shanghai Remodeling Energy Technology Co., Ltd. is one of the first enterprises in Changshu Hydrogen Energy Automobile Industrial Park. It is a hydrogen fuel cell system manufacturer as well as a core component supplier with an annual production capacity of 50,000 units. It has strong technical advantages and geographical advantages.

As a domestic advanced automobile manufacturer, Suzhou Jinlong hydrogen fuel cell bus has developed early and has strong technical strength. In 2006, Suzhou Jinlong and Shanghai Jiaotong University developed China’s first hydrogen fuel cell bus.

In 2008, Suzhou Jinlong and Tsinghua University jointly developed the second generation hydrogen fuel cell low-floor bus (National 863 Technology Research Project) for the Olympics. It also carried out a demonstration commercial passenger operation of 30,000 kilometers a year; in 2010, Suzhou Jinlong and Tsinghua University developed the third generation hydrogen fuel cell bus and exported to Singapore; this year, June 14th, Suzhou Jinlong the four-generation hydrogen fuel cell buses were put into Zhangjiagang in batches for commercial demonstration operation. 



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