China: Zhangjiakou, Co-Host City of 2022 Winter Olympic Games Looks to Hydrogen Energy Future

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Zhangjiakou Hydrogen Energy, construction planning conference and hydrogen project signing meeting held in Beijing

On June 12th, Hydrogen Energy Zhangjiakou Construction Planning Conference and UNDP Awarding Ceremony, Hydrogen Energy Industry Project Signing Conference was held in Beijing, and the “Hydrogen Energy Zhangjiakou Construction Plan (2019-2035) was released.

The Global Environment Foundation (GEF), the United Nations Development Program (UNDP) and the Ministry of Science and Technology awarded the city the title of a model city for promoting the commercialization of fuel cell vehicles in China, and held a centralized signing ceremony for the hydrogen energy industry project of Zhangjiakou. The industry has entered a new stage of scale, scientific and intensive development.

Zhangjiakou, as the only national-level renewable energy demonstration zone in the country, has actively explored the industrial development and technology application of renewable energy, and achieved initial results. In particular, the development of the hydrogen energy industry is strong, the hydrogen production industry has begun to take shape, the hydrogen fuel cell vehicle project has formed agglomeration, and the hydrogen storage and transportation and infrastructure networks have been accelerated.

The number of hydrogen fuel cell buses was ranked first in the country, and an innovative system combining production, education and research was initially formed.

The hydrogen energy industry is an important industry in which Zhangjiakou is striving to cultivate and grow. “Hydrogen Energy Zhangjiakou Construction Plan” is a major strategy for Zhangjiakou to promote high-quality development.

The Hydrogen Energy Zhangjiakou Construction Plan (2019-2035)

  • clarifies the advantages and current situation of the development of hydrogen energy Zhangjiakou, the overall thinking, development goals, main tasks of construction, key projects, industrial spatial layout, economic benefits, social benefits and environment.
  • The hydrogen energy industry will develop into an important pillar of the city.
  • By 2021, it will form an ecosystem covering the preparation, storage and transportation of hydrogen energy, the filling of key equipment for hydrogen fuel cells and the manufacture of key components.
  • Up to 21,000 tons, more than 20 enterprises will be introduced into the park, which will become a first-class hydrogen energy city in China;
  • by 2035, the city’s annual hydrogen production capacity will reach 50,000 tons, and the park will introduce more than 100 enterprises.
  • Zhangjiakou will be built into an internationally renowned city. The capital of hydrogen energy.

By 2021, 2025, 2030, and 2035, the cumulative output value of hydrogen energy and related industries in the city will reach 6 billion yuan, 26 billion yuan, 85 billion yuan and 170 billion yuan respectively.

Source: Zhangjiakou News


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