China : ZTE Electric to promote hydrogen fuel cells
China : ZTE Electric to promote hydrogen fuel cells
author Added by FuelCellsWorks, January 10, 2018

Business Times Chen Najia-- In order to promote China's new energy policy and solve the problem of air pollution, Mayor Zheng Wencan recently visited ZTE Electric, to discuss the use of hydrogen fuel cells as a source of alternative electricity in the future. An indicator to the committment, Taoyuan City has become the country's clean and smart city.

Jiang Yifu, chairman of Zhongxing Electric, said that Taoyuan City is an important hub for Taiwan's aviation and logistics, as well as baggage trailers and logistics stacker and forklift trucks in airport terminals. It is suggested that hydrogen fuel cells can be to drive these trailers and forklifts. In addition, it is also advisable to build an island-operated micro-grid system to solve the tribal power shortage in the mountainous areas of Taoyuan and to solve the emergency power supply in the event of a disaster. As hydrogen fuel cell has high value, Zheng Wencan promised to increase renewable energy power generation to 20% of total generating capacity, and provide incentives and incentives, will choose the appropriate field to build to expand the use of green power generation range .

Jiang Yi-fu pointed out that ZTE Electric has in recent years has been very succesful in the development of hydrogen fuel cells and smart regional microgrid technology. This year, the smart grid project of Dongjyu Island in Penghu won the Silver Prize of 2017 APEC Energy Smart Community and Smart Grid, and signed a fuel cell alliance with Toyota Tsusho, a subsidiary of Japan's Toyota Motor Corp., to promote ME2Power fuel cell access South Africa, Southeast Asia, India, Japan and other base station markets to jointly develop decentralized hydrogen refueling station to address the high cost of fuel cell hydrogen production problems, fully into the hydrogen forklift trucks and hydrogen logistics market.

Currently, electric vehicles can not really achieve the goal of energy-saving and carbon reduction and charging for a long time, causing inconvenience to the public, limited battery life and storage of land. Most countries and scholars also encourage the use of hydrogen fuel cells.

Jiang Yi-fu emphasized that ZTE is committed to developing hydrogen-energy fuel cells for 10 years and has established a mature hydrogen platform technology. In the future, ZTE will take the lead in utilizing hydrogen energy to reduce electricity dependency in Taoyuan municipality and use engine carbon removal to reduce vehicle pollution Efforts to develop decentralized hydrogen refueling stations and hydrogen energy logistics vehicles in cooperation with Taoyuan Aviation City to jointly build a carbon-free hydrogen economy and society.