China: SinoHytec Launches its New Hydrogen Fuel Cell Engine

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  • Opening a new era of domestic hydrogen fuel cell engines

On December 7, at the 2019 Global Energy Transition Forum hosted by the Beijing Municipal Government and the Development Research Center of the State Council, SinoHytec launched the new product YHTG60SS, opening a new era of domestic hydrogen fuel cell engines for the development of hydrogen energy.

In the context of the world’s energy transition, carbon reduction and hydrogenation are the inevitable ways for the human civilization to evolve its methods of energy consumption. Hydrogen energy is clean, efficient, and sustainable. It can be used in many fields such as industry, construction, transportation, and power generation, Hydrogen has become an important way for building a diversified clean energy supply system in the future, and the development and utilization of hydrogen energy has become an important direction for a new round of reform of the world energy technology.

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Hydrogen fuel cell engines play an important role in the realization of hydrogen energy. They are widely used in transportation, distributed power generation, mobile power, cogeneration, and many other fields, especially for large-scale consumption of electricity from renewable energy such as wind and solar power. Using fuel cell systems is the best method to couple power grid with gas network and is considered to be the best way to solve the energy resource crisis and the environmental crisis at the same time. In transportation, many companies have made plans to accelerate the development of hydrogen and fuel cell technologies.

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The YHTG60SS released this time has achieved a breakthrough in hydrogen fuel cell technology. 100% of the core components are produced with own intellectual property rights for the first time, the power density exceeds 500W/kg, and the cost is reduced by 30%. The product become more lightweight and intelligent, it has better adaptability to high altitude and low temperature environment, and the dynamic response time is significantly reduced. It can be widely used in group buses, logistics vehicles, buses and other vehicles. The newly launched product will contribute to the energy transition of transportation, stimulate the development of hydrogen energy and help build a clean, low carbon energy system.

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