First HBIS Pilot Hydrogen Station Opens

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HBIS Group

August 28, witnessed by Provincial leaders, experts, and enterprise executives, the first HBIS Pilot Hydrogen Station commenced its business operation.

HBIS Group

This is the first permanent hydrogen refueling station operated by a steel manufacturer in the country. Also, the country’s first 49-ton hydrogen fuel cell heavy truck enters operation in parallel, making a complete green and recyclable industrial logistic system. A brand new application of hydrogen resources is in service. Besides urban public transport and logistics, hydrogen is now able to power heavy load trucks, which is a milestone in the history of hydrogen application in the country. In the metallurgical industry, this is also an important strategic development of hydrogen applications.

HBIS pilot is in HBIS Hansteel and has a daily refueling capacity of 500Kg with 35MPa and 70MPa pressure. It is able to refuel hydrogen fuel-cell vehicles and hydron trailers, 20 49-ton hydrogen fuel-cell trucks. In the station, 49-ton trailers, 31-ton dumpers, 9-ton trucks, and ferry buses are running. With the hydrogen station and “Diesel To Hydrogen Transferformation” of the Heavy Truck Project in place, HBIS will accumulate data to support further design and optimization of hydrogen stations and vehicles. HBIS will also explore a sustainable business model to build a network of Hydrogen generation, refueling, clients and hydrogen materials in the Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei region.

Over the yeas, HBIS has been implementing new development concepts and hydrogen is one of the strategic industries. The company is dedicated to make highly representative zero emission and zero pollution enterprise. HBIS has its own advantages in leading hydrogen generation, equipment, and stocking. With its cocking oven gas, the company is able to purify 2.32billion cubic meters of hydrogen gases. In the HBIS automobile management system, over 50,000 vehicles are running, consuming hydrogen. Together with the Chinese Academy of Engineering Consulting Center, CISRI, Northeast University, HBIS jointly established the Hydrogen Technolgy & Innovation Center to Support all efforts in hydrogen projects. HBIS is now working with CISRI, Weichai Group, State Grid Investment Group, CIMC, and Shanghai Re-Fire Group. The second pilot hydrogen station has completed its construction and will commence its operations soon in Tangshan Port District.

The hydrogen refueling demonstration station is located in the Hegang Handan Iron and Steel Plant. It has a daily refueling capacity of 500 kg and dual pressures of 35 MPa and 70 MPa. It has realized the hydrogen refueling of fuel cell vehicles and the filling of hydrogen long-tube trailers, which can fill nearly 20 vehicles with 49 tons. Hydrogen fuel cell heavy trucks provide refilling services.

Among them, the fuel cell vehicle hydrogen supply mode is a dual gas source mode of pipeline hydrogen supply and long-tube trailer hydrogen supply, which can provide hydrogen fuel cell vehicles of different pressures and types such as fuel cell heavy trucks. The hydrogen vehicles currently operating at the hydrogen refueling station include 49-ton tractors, 31-ton dump trucks, 9-ton van logistics vehicles and factory commuter buses. According to Shiyin Energy Chain, the 49-ton hydrogen fuel cell heavy trucks operating at the station are remodeled with technology supporting systems.

Who are the suppliers of HBIS’s first hydrogen refueling demonstration station?

Antai Environment introduced to Shiyin Energy Chain that Antai Environment provided three main services for the first hydrogen refueling station of Hegang:

One is to clarify the strategic direction and positioning of the first two stations for HBIS. Beginning with the early hydrogen energy utilization research, assisted HBIS in hydrogen energy research, and drafted the development plan for the entire hydrogen energy industry chain. In the hydrogen energy “production-storage-transport-addition-use” link, HBIS will prioritize the hydrogen energy demonstration projects of “production-addition-use” by taking advantage of Hegang’s own resource advantages, and implement the construction of two hydrogen refueling projects in Handan and Tangshan Demonstration station.Antai Hydrogen Station

The second is to formulate a competitive package for the first two stations of HBIS that represents the direction of technological development; it ensures that the first two stations of HBIS can adapt to future technical development requirements and application scenarios. Use coke oven gas to purify hydrogen. After the establishment of hydrogen refueling station infrastructure, it will serve the heavy truck logistics ecological chain in the plant, realize the demonstration operation of hydrogen fuel cell heavy trucks, and lead the development of hydrogen energy utilization demonstration projects with zero emissions and zero pollutants in Beijing, Tianjin and Hebei .

The third is to provide Hegang with comprehensive services from engineering feasibility studies, engineering design, complete equipment supply to general engineering contracting. Beginning with the investigation of Hegang Hydrogen Energy, to the implementation of the demonstration operation project of heavy trucks around hydrogen fuel cells. Antai Environment provides technical solutions to meet the refueling requirements of hydrogen fuel cell vehicles at two pressure levels of 35MPa and 70MPa; provides hydrogen refueling station process control procedures and complete sets of equipment with independent intellectual property rights; relying on the EPC qualification of Ningbo Chemical Research and Design Institute Co., Ltd., Implement turnkey services for 35MPa and 70MPa hydrogen refueling demonstration stations.

Antai Environmental said that in order to meet the needs of commercial application scenarios for heavy trucks with a long driving range, the station finally selected a whole set of original imported German liquid drive compressors with a design pressure of 100MPa as the refueling compressor. The compressor has a dual role, 35MPa/70MPa boost pressure sharing a compressor, the advantage of low equipment investment. This type of compressor has many applications in hydrogen refueling stations in Europe, Japan, and South Korea, and can provide customized large-flow liquid drive compressors, which will have certain application scenarios for high pressure, large filling volume, and frequent start and stop.

In addition, the station uses hydrogen refueling products designed by Antai Environment, which can be flexibly adjusted and constantly based on actual working conditions, so that the temperature rise of the hydrogen storage bottle on the fuel cell vehicle during hydrogenation is within a reasonable and safe range.

Antai Environment stated that HBIS Group has inherent advantages and endowment resources in the hydrogen energy industry chain, with hydrogen sources and application scenarios. With the commissioning of the hydrogenation demonstration station, the problem of decarbonization for the metallurgical industry, and traffic decarbonization was solved, a complete solution was provided, and the expected goal was achieved. HBIS Group leads the development direction of hydrogen energy utilization technology in Hebei, and the design of a multi-functional mother station has laid the foundation for the planning and layout of the HBIS hydrogen energy industry. At the same time, it will lead the construction of the ecological chain of regional hydrogen energy development and play an important role in air pollution control, environmental protection, energy-saving, and emission reduction, and energy transformation and upgrading in Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei.

Chen Fan, general manager of Zhejiang Lanneng Gas Equipment Co., Ltd., revealed to Shiyin Energy Chain that the hydrogen storage tank set in the hydrogen refueling station is provided by Zhejiang Lanneng. The hydrogen refueling station has created many firsts, such as the first in China. A hydrogen refueling station using a domestic 45MPa hydrogen storage cylinder set is also the first stationary hydrogen refueling demonstration station in the steel industry. This station is the first in the use of anxiety gas and is the first hydrogen refueling station in the Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei region. In addition, this station is also the first fixed hydrogen refueling station with complete procedures in Hebei Province.

Chen Fan said that the operation of the station is of great significance. On the one hand, it solves the environmental protection problems of Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei, and on the other hand, it also solves the comprehensive utilization of new energy by steel companies.

Luo Keqin, general manager of Zhongding Hengsheng, introduced to Shiyin Energy Chain that Zhongding Hengsheng provided a 23MPa hydrogen filling compressor and a 45MPa (500kg/day ) Hydrogenation compressor. In recent years, Zhongding Hengsheng 45MPa hydrogen refueling station compressor has gradually been recognized by the market and has been used in nearly 20 hydrogen refueling stations at home and abroad. In 2020, Zhongding Hengsheng has already completed the high-flow hydrogen filling compressor and 45MPa within one month. The delivery capacity of compressors in hydrogen refueling stations.

Luo Keqin said that the hydrogen at the hydrogen refueling station of HBIS is derived from the by-product hydrogen in coke oven gas, and the source is stable and reliable. It serves the logistics heavy trucks within the HBIS group. The group has formed a complete hydrogen energy application industry ecological chain. It has obvious advantages in the hydrogen energy industry. With the gradual maturity and promotion of the application of the hydrogen energy of HBIS Group, it will definitely make positive contributions to the defense of the blue sky in the Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei region.


About Antai Environment

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Antai Environmental Engineering Technology Co., Ltd. was formed by the integration of the filter material branch of the original powder metallurgy division, the engineering technology division, and Ningbo Chemical Research and Design Institute Co., Ltd. Antai Environmental Engineering Technology Co., Ltd. was established in 2015. With environmental control services as the core, it has formed three major business segments: industrial filtration and purification, clean energy engineering and advanced intelligent manufacturing. It is a company that focuses on clean energy utilization and clean energy technology and has product development and manufacturing, equipment matching, system integration, and engineering design. And a comprehensive environmental control service provider with general contracting capabilities.

Antai Environment has independently researched and developed a complete set of equipment such as a hydrogen long-tube trailer unloading module (unloading column), high-pressure buffer tank module (sequence control panel), 35MPa hydrogen refueling machine, and 70MPa hydrogen refueling machine, for the construction of hydrogen refueling stations and EPC The project provides support services.

Antai Environment provides reliable and efficient hydrogen production and a complete set of hydrogen refueling solutions. It can also provide customized hydrogen production and hydrogenation solutions, key hydrogenation equipment, hydrogen production plants, and hydrogen refueling stations according to different working conditions of hydrogen energy applications. Technical services for EPC engineering, hydrogen production plants, and hydrogen refueling stations.

About Zhejiang Lanneng

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Zhejiang Lanneng Gas Equipment Co., Ltd. was established in 2009. Its main shareholders are Shanghai Shenergy, Henan Keyuan Industrial Investment Fund and Shaoxing Shangyu Hangzhou Bay Construction and Development Group Co., Ltd. It is a company integrating R&D, manufacturing, sales and service. A specialized gas storage and transportation equipment manufacturing enterprise integrating system integration.

On June 8, 2020, the 45MPa hydrogen storage bottle container set for hydrogen refueling station independently developed and designed by Zhejiang Lanneng officially completed the manufacture and delivery of the first set.

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Zhejiang Lanneng 5-tube 45MPa hydrogen storage bottle type container set (Source: Zhejiang Lanneng)

The first set of station hydrogen storage cylinders produced this time passed the “Three New (New Materials, New Technologies, New Processes), an expert organized by the Special Equipment Safety and Energy Conservation Technical Committee of the State Administration for Market Supervision and Administration on November 27, 2019. )” technical review, and it is also the first 45MPa station hydrogen storage cylinder product in China that has passed the Sanxin review meeting.

Since April this year, Zhejiang Lanneng’s 45MPa station hydrogen storage cylinder unit has received more than 20 domestic orders. Currently, hydrogen refueling stations are being built in Guangdong, Hebei, Beijing, Shandong and other places.

About Zhongding Hengsheng

zip 20200901104807693Beijing Zhongding Hengsheng Gas Equipment Co., Ltd./Zhongding Hengsheng Gas Equipment (Wuhu) Co., Ltd. is a professional design and manufacturer of diaphragm compressors, focusing on supplying various gas diaphragm compressor products and providing technical services and spare parts. The designed exhaust pressure is 20MPa, 45MPa and 90MPa, and the flow rate ranges from 50 standard cubic meters to 2000 standard cubic meters per hour. The diaphragm compressors of hydrogen refueling stations all adopt unattended design schemes, which have higher safety and reliability.

Zhongding Hengsheng has been involved in the high-pressure field for more than ten years. It has provided more than 2,000 20MPa hydrogen compressors for hydrogen production plants, and the market share of large-flow compressors in domestic hydrogen filling plants has accounted for 90%. It is also a mine, Petroleum oil wells provide 80-100MPa ultra-high pressure compressors, and the equipment is exported to India and Taiwan. At present, Zhongding has cooperated with many domestic hydrogen refueling station construction enterprises, such as Guofu Hydrogen Energy, Shunhua, Houp, and Hydrogen Maple have cooperation with Zhongding Hengsheng.


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