China’s First Mass-Produced Hydrogen Electric Vehicle Comes From Chang’an Dark Blue

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Fuel Cells Works, China's First Mass-Produced Hydrogen Electric Vehicle Comes From Chang'an Dark Blue

At the National Convention Center , Chang’an released the Shangri La plan , And shouted out to walk with the motherland , Walk with the national automobile industry , Committed to promoting the high-quality development of China’s new energy vehicle industry , The slogan of the .

2021 year , Changan’s new energy brand dark blue was officially born .

One year after its birth ,2022 year 4 month 21 Japan , Changan dark blue ushered in its first activity —— For the first time, the new special platform for pure electric drive EPA1 Platform , And analyzed the first mass production product under the platform ,C385.

Look back , Five years have passed since the release of the Shangri La plan , from 2017 Year to 2022, Sharpen a sword in five years , This time, Changan dark blue didn’t disappoint people , Give us 、 Or to the whole industry , Brought it once “ crit ”.

Fuel Cells Works, China's First Mass-Produced Hydrogen Electric Vehicle Comes From Chang'an Dark Blue

First say EPA1 platform , It is a special platform for electric drive in the form of multi energy supplement built by Chang’an , It has four high attributes : The electric efficiency driven by the ultimate power system ; Later driven into genes , Give consideration to the high performance of 4WD ; High intelligence based on domain control electronic and electrical architecture ; High security of three-layer protection of core car cloud .

According to Deng Chenghao, general manager of Chang’an new energy , The three major pain points of electric vehicles in the eyes of Chang’an new energy are short endurance 、 The energy supplement is slow and the safety is in doubt , To solve these pain points , Su Zhong, the chief product officer, and the team have determined the cool points of three electric vehicle customers : High efficiency and environmental protection 、 Digital experience 、 Ultimate performance .

Fuel Cells Works, China's First Mass-Produced Hydrogen Electric Vehicle Comes From Chang'an Dark Blue

In order to achieve these three cool points . In terms of efficiency , For booster and hydrogen fuel cell vehicles , In addition to the power system drive electric efficiency , The R & D team also pays attention to the power generation efficiency index of the power system , This refers to the net electricity output per unit weight of fuel or hydrogen . For example, at present , The electric efficiency of the mainstream industry is about 70%-75%. Chang’an new energy has taken a series of optimization measures , Electrical efficiency can reach 78%, Higher than the best level in the industry .

Besides , Changan dark blue is also from the electric drive system 、 Extended range system and hydrogen fuel system , Put forward a large number of original solutions . For example, a new generation of self-developed high-frequency pulse heating technology , It can realize extreme heating at ultra-low temperature , stay -30℃ In the environment , The heating speed of the battery can reach 4℃/ minute , Low temperature dynamic performance is improved 50% above , Low temperature charging performance is shortened 15% above , It greatly alleviates the experience of electric vehicles in extremely cold weather .

at present , In the technology of super collector drive , The number of patents applied by Changan shenlanlei has reached 163 term .

Fuel Cells Works, China's First Mass-Produced Hydrogen Electric Vehicle Comes From Chang'an Dark Blue

And in terms of security ,EPA1 The platform is based on 2021 edition C-NCAP Five star safety standard , Adopt five horizontal and nine vertical embracing body , Proportion of high strength steel 45%, And adopt all-round battery safety protection . use 5+1 Information security level privacy protection , involve IT Defense Technology 、 Identity Authentication 、 Channel physical isolation 、 Hardware security module (HSM)、SecOC Secure communications .

In terms of battery safety ,EPA1 The platform launched iBC Digital battery housekeeper . In terms of pre control management , The platform can realize wire connection + Digital process control , vehicle + cloud BMS Double impact monitoring . In digital temperature control management , The platform adopts space class full battery insulation technology 、 Alcohol cooling and efficient heat dissipation 、 Transient pressure relief technology 、 Overpressure seal control 、 Global short circuit prevention technology 、 Directional pressure sensing and temperature exhaust 、 Full time temperature sensing alarm and other technologies .

Fuel Cells Works, China's First Mass-Produced Hydrogen Electric Vehicle Comes From Chang'an Dark Blue

Besides, the car , Changan dark blue C385 It is divided into pure electricity 、 Three versions of extended range and hydrogen electricity , The hydrogen electric version is the first mass production hydrogen electric vehicle in China .

New car positioning pure electric car running model , The length, width and height are respectively 4820mm、1890mm and 1480mm, The wheelbase is 2900mm, The drag coefficient is 0.23Cd. The whole new car adopts rear wheel actuation , The rear suspension adopts H Arm type multi link independent suspension system . Besides ,C385 It’s also equipped with 19 Inch wheel , The car is equipped with an intelligent steering system 14.6 Inch sunflower screen , Equipped with electric hatchback door .

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In terms of intelligence , Equipped with 8155 The chip has 105K DMIPS Calculate the force , The highest achievable future L4 Class I intelligent driving , Support navigation path based on high-precision map A Point to B Intelligent assisted driving at , The usage scenario includes automatic lane change , Up and down ramps, etc . In terms of intelligent parking , In a structured parking lot , We can realize parking according to the memory path and remote pick-up , It can also realize automatic parking and remote driving based on high-precision map .

Fuel Cells Works, China's First Mass-Produced Hydrogen Electric Vehicle Comes From Chang'an Dark Blue

stay CLTC Working condition ,C385 The comprehensive range of the pure electric model exceeds 700km, The maximum power exceeds 190kW, The power consumption under comprehensive working conditions can be as low as 12.3kWh/100km following ; The comprehensive range of the extended range model exceeds 1200km, Pure electric endurance exceeds 200km, The minimum fuel consumption for feeder driving is 4.5L/100km following ; The comprehensive endurance mileage of hydrogen fuel electric vehicle can also reach 700km above , The minimum feed hydrogen consumption is 0.65 kg /100km following , And can be found in 3 Complete energy replenishment in minutes .

Overall speaking , Whether it’s EPA1 The platform is still Chang’an C385, For the current domestic and even worldwide new energy technologies 、 In terms of products , It’s all innovative existence , Sharpen a sword in five years , Changan dark blue in the future will certainly make great achievements .

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