Chinese city will have 3,000 hydrogen cars by 2020
Chinese city will have 3,000 hydrogen cars by 2020
author Added by FuelCellsWorks, February 19, 2018

The City Council in the Chinese city, Wuhan has ambitious plans to turn the city into one of the world's pre-emininent hydrogen cities. The plans includes 20 hydroge stations and 3,000 hydrogen cars by 2020.

Wuhan is the capital of Hubei province in central China and like many other chinese big cities air pollution has become a steady problem, China Daily reports that now the city wants to evovle  into a word leading "Hydrogen City"

In order to reach its goals the city must make investments and develop new technologies for the manufacturing, storage and transport of hydrogen as well as build the infrastructre to suppor hydrogen fueling stations. The goal is to establis 20 hydrogen fuelling stations.

A very significant part of the plan is to create an industrial area in Wuhan to accomodated more than 100 enterprises that will manufactures hydrogen cars or parts. The city is already home for several car manufacturers, including Dongfeng Motor Corporation, which is one of China's leading automakers.

The city council in Wuhan expects the city by 2025 to be one of the world's leading hydrogen cities with three to five international hydrogen companies headquarterd there and anticipates 100 hydrogen stations to be built in Wuhan.

According to the plan ti will have an annual financial impact of over 100 billion yuan, equivalent to about 95 billion.

Despite China coming late to the hydrogen fuel cell market, the country has managed to make impressive progress in hydrogen and fuel cells.

Source:China Daily