Chinese Energy Giant Yankuang Group Signs Agreement with Air Liquide to Jointly Promote Hydrogen Energy

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JINAN–On the morning of January 4, 2019  Yankuang Group and the French energy company Air Liquide signed a cooperation framework agreement in Jinan, Shandong Province, marking the start of an new agreement on hydrogen energy. Li Xiyong, party secretary and chairman of the company Yankuang Group and the former vice president of Air Liquide, witnessed the signing of the summer.

The deputy secretary of the party committee of the group company and director Yue Baode presided over the signing ceremony. He said that the signing of the contract is an important achievement for the two sides to build consensus, deepen mutual trust and seek common development. It is a major event to promote the development of the hydrogen energy industry and accelerate the transformation of new and old kinetic energy. Yankuang will conscientiously implement the cooperation framework agreement, strengthen hydrogen energy technology research, establish a hydrogen energy industry alliance with Shandong Guohui and Shandong Heavy Industry, build an industrial system for hydrogen energy preparation, purification, storage and transportation of hydrogen energy supply, and build a demonstration of hydrogen energy vehicle use. District, to promote enterprises in the kinetic energy conversion to take the lead in achieving successful transformation and high quality and efficient development.

Jin Jinping, China’s chief operating officer of the Air Liquide, and Qi Hongchun, assistant general manager of the group, signed the cooperation framework agreement on behalf of the two parties.

According to the agreement,  both sides agreed to jointly make plans on the development of hydrogen energy infrastructure and hydrogen fuel cell vehicles in east China's Shandong Province and to build a sustainable hydrogen energy infrastructure network

The heads of relevant departments of both companies, as well as news reporters from the Daily News, Shandong TV, Economic Herald, Qilu Evening News, China Coal News, China Chemical News, Volkswagen, Qilu, etc. attended the signing ceremony.

Hydrogen is regarded as one of the world's most promising clean energy sources and can be widely used in transportation, electric power and other fields. It is considered to be the “ultimate new energy vehicle solution”. The Yankuang Group has unique advantages in this respect, not only with world-class coal-to-hydrogen technology, but also for low-cost, large-scale hydrogen production. 

Since last year, the Yankuang Group has accelerated its efforts in hydrogen work. On November 25, 2018, Yankuang Group reached an agreement with Japan's Taihe Commercial Co., Ltd. and Japan Energy Environmental Protection International Promotion Association in the field of hydrogen energy utilization.

Air Liquide is a commercial industrial gas producer and related services company, including industrial and hydrogen energy service provider, hydrogen refueling station infrastructure manufacturing, and has relevant technical and operational experience throughout the entire value chain of hydrogen. Ranked 354th in the Forbes World 500 and ranked first in the global gas industry.


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