Chinese Hydrogen Fuel Cell Drone Manufacturer Receives 100M Yuan ( $14.4M) in Financing

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Bshark Hydrogen Drone Flying 2

BSHARK believes Hydrogen is the Future Energy and has taken a giant leap into exploring more possibilities within this industry. With barely within a month of the launch of the 2nd generation Hydrogen Fuel Cell Drone, the Narwhal 2, received over 300 were ordered from global customers to the admiration of its endurance performance.

The Narwhal 2 Hydrogen – the powered drone is currently used within major industrial sectors such as Project inspections, Land surveillance & Mapping, Power line stringing, etc. simultaneously, BSHARK also received a capital investment of 100 million RMB and a new production base of 8000 meters squared (m2) is established at Shandong.


22nd September 2018, Shenzhen, the much awaited Narwhal 2 Hydrogen Fuel Cell Drone was released. The Narwhal 2 Hydrogen Drone stands out as the groundbreaking technology in the Hydrogen Industry. Some special features include 2 hours of flight time, long range video transmission, wireless control, 4G LTE support, dual-view display ,and optical position hold function. With all these, yet the Narwhal 2 comes out very competitive in pricing. One can purchase a unit for $6,800.

25th September 2018, within 72 hours after the release of the Narwhal 2 Hydrogen Drone, 20 units of inventory in stock was sold out to customers all over the world.  

BSHARK HOLDINGS LIMITED “BSHARK” on 27th September 2018, received over 100 pieces Pre-orders of Narwhal 2 Fuel Cell Drone. With an overwhelming order as this, a scheduled delivery of 3 months was communicated to all customers.

BShark New Facility

By 8th October 2018, a total of 300 units of the Narwhal 2 Hydrogen Drone was ordered. With the constant increase in demand for the Narwhal 2 Hydrogen powered drone, Antai Company, an investor from the Liaocheng city, Shandong provided to “BSHARK”  a production facility base of 8000 meters squared (m2) for the manufacturing of fuel cells and the Orca 1 (Hydrogen Fueling Station). Antai Company again provided an additional investment of funds to the tune of hundred million RMB (100 million RMB) in a Pre-A Round.


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