Chinese Tech Company Re-Fire Visits Tokyo Hydrogen Applications at the Tokyo World FC EXPO 2018
Chinese Tech Company Re-Fire Visits Tokyo Hydrogen Applications at the Tokyo World FC EXPO 2018
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A few days ago, the world's largest hydrogen and fuel cell exhibition FC EXPO 2018 - the 14th Japan International Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Exhibition was grandly opened in Tokyo, Japan. In this Tokyo trip not only did Re-Fire participate in this international event that attracted more than 60,000 visitors, but also visited two hydrogen refueling stations in operation in Tokyo, hoping to bring attention to Re-Fire. 

Visit to Tokyo Hydrogen Refueling Station :   First stop   Nimohyss mobile hydrogen refueling station in Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo   

Nimohyss Hydrogenation Station is located very close from the Seosongxue University in Chiyoda-ku and on a quiet street corner, a Nimohyss mobile hydrogen refueling station is in service at the site.

One of the staff members of the Nimohyss site Mr. Liu introduced to us the mobile hydrogen station. The station has a capacity of 30kg, adopts two-stage boosting, and can provide 40Mpa and 80Mpa pressure hydrogen respectively. Next to the car is a group of hydrogen supply. 20 hydrogen tanks. Several cars are being hydrogenated at this site every day.

Second stop: Iwatani Hydrogen Station in Minato-ku, Tokyo

The Iwatani refueling station is located opposite Shiba Park in Tokyo’s Minato Ward. The hydrogen refueling station is located just below the Tokyo Tower. The Toyota Mirai showroom is next to the hydrogen refueling station. Coincidentally, we arrived at the hydrogen refueling station on the same day, just as a Mirai owner was fueling with hydrogen. 

The staff said in the conversation with us that the current hydrogen price of the site is equivalent to the current fuel consumption in Japan if it is converted into 100 kilometers of fuel consumed. Nearly 20 hydrogen fuel cells such as Toyota Mirai and Honda Clarity use the facility every day, such as Mirai and Clarity. 



In conversation with the staff of the Iwatani Hydrogen Refueling Station, they introduced us to the hydrogen fuel cell bus lines currently in service - both 05-02. The bus lines are at the Tokyo Metropolitan Tokyo Metropolitan Area (near Ginza) and Tokyo Metropolitan Area.サイト (near Tokyo Big Sight International Exhibition Hall) operates round trip.

With this hydrogen fuel cell bus, we are on the way to Tokyo Big Sight, near Ariake Station, where another eye-catching refuelling station is being built near Iwatani's international exhibition site.

All the way from the bustling Ginza and Yurakucho areas to the Tokyo Big Sight station at the International Exhibition Center, Re-Fire is excited and excited, and the hydrogen fuel cell bus has quietly become part of the local daily travel. The hydrogen refueling stations in service during the visit are the best evidence for the acceptance and support of the local people in Japan for the application of hydrogen energy.

If you have the opportunity, please come here to experience a trip of hydrogen energy. Of course, in Sanshui District, Foshan City, China, there are also hydrogen fuel cell buses that provide environmentally friendly and convenient travel for the public. There are 12 powered hydrogen-powered buses (powered by Re-Fire) in the line and we look forward to experiencing it.

About Re-Fire

Re-Fire technology company limited was founded in 2014 with the vision to bringing fuel cell technologies to the masses through the commercialization of fuel cell products and engineering excellence. In the past few years, Re-Fire has captured the market opportunities and established itself as a vehicle integration leader in the industry by repeatedly delivering innovative fuel cell systems and powertrain solutions to our customers and end users. Our unwavering belief going forward is to make positive changes in the world by delivering clean, sustainable, and cost-effective energy systems by the power of hydrogen fuel cell.

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