Clean Hydrogen Wins Reinventing Delaware 2023

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clean hydrogen wins reinventing delaware 2023

Clean hydrogen, championed by Andrew Cottone, president and ceo of ADESIS, aims to position delaware at the forefront of clean energy.

WILMINGTON, Del.– The Pete du Pont Freedom Foundation (PDFF) held a press event today to highlight the four bold ideas that participated in this year’s Reinventing Delaware program. During the presentation, with roughly 100 attendees, PDFF announced the 2023 winner. Clean Hydrogen, championed by Andrew Cottone, President and CEO of the chemistry Contract Development and Research Organization (CDMO) Adesis, took home the esteemed title, as well as a grand prize of $15,000 to move the idea forward.

Cottone seeks to have Delaware blaze the trail with the nation’s first wind-sourced hydrogen electrolysis plant, generating profitable clean energy for Delmarva while positioning Delaware as the first primarily clean energy State. The manufacturing plant would utilize fresh water in an electrolysis process that splits water into hydrogen gas and oxygen gas. The process leaves behind an enriched solution of heavy and semi-heavy water – a bi-product that can be further processed and sold. This idea would create thousands of employment opportunities in Delaware and lead to unprecedented economic growth for the state.

“The top four ideas in this year’s competition are all positioned for success. The teams are built, the momentum has been created, and some have already launched,” said Stephanie Johnnie, PDFF Executive Director. “Determining a winner was not an easy task. Considering which idea most emulates the ‘Pete du Pont moment’ of the 1981 Financial Act and that is most poised to create a significant wave of innovation in Delaware, that idea is Clean Hydrogen,” said Johnnie. 

Over the last six months, the four finalists participated in a rigorous idea development process to incubate their concepts and develop a plan for launch. PDFF contracted consulting firms Social Contract and Launch Point Labs to work with the teams. With support from Social Contract, Cottone has begun developing partnerships with key industry stakeholders who aim to reduce reliance on foreign energy and make Delaware the energy leader of the 21st century.

The three other top ideas include Spotlight Delaware, championed by Allison Levine; Zero Homelessness, championed by Jeffrey Ronald and Judson Malone; and #Move2Delaware, championed by Linda Parkowski, Shelly Cecchett, Scott Malfitano and Troy Mix.

”Pete du Pont encouraged innovative approaches to old problems and Clean Hydrogen is that next opportunity. Our team hopes to work with the Mid-Atlantic Clean Hydrogen Hub to establish Delaware as the first state with a predominantly profitable green energy economy.  It is an honor to be recognized by the PDFF, but the call to action is for all Delawareans to be the first state to adopt Hydrogen energy,” said Cottone.

The Mid-Atlantic Clean Hydrogen Hub (MACH2) is a coalition of states that include Delaware, New Jersey, and Pennsylvania. The MACH2 team was created in response to the Bipartisan Infrastructure Law that created the Regional Clean Hydrogen Hubs Program, which will award $7 billion to establish up to 10 regional clean hydrogen hubs across the country. The MACH2 team is currently in the process of submitting a full application to the US Department of Energy for consideration for the program.

“My father believed in being bold, coloring with bright primary colors,” said Thère du Pont, PDFF Board Chair. “While all four ideas will make Delaware better, Clean Hydrogen was clearly the boldest. It paints a bright future for our State,” said du Pont. 

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