Clean Power Capital Corp. PowerTap’s Onsite Blue Hydrogen Production Use of Renewable Natural Gas (RNG) as Feedstock Makes its Hydrogen Greener

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VANCOUVER, British Columbia and NEWPORT BEACH, Calif. — Clean Power Capital Corp. (CSE: MOVE)(FWB: 2K6)(OTC: MOTNF) (“Clean Power” or the “Company” or “MOVE”). The Company is pleased to provide additional information about the technology being developed by PowerTap Hydrogen Fueling Corp. (“PowerTap”), an investee company of Clean Power.

PowerTap’s third generation onsite hydrogen production module unit is enhanced for blue hydrogen classification via Advanced Carbon Capture ( and using Renewable Natural Gas (RNG) as its main feedstock to generate Blue Hydrogen.

Common sources of RNG, also referred to as biomethane or upgraded biogas, include landfills, animal manure, food scraps and wastewater sludge. With these “wet” wastes, bacteria break down organic matter and produce methane, carbon dioxide, and other gases and solids through a process referred to as anaerobic digestion. The resulting biogas can then be processed or “upgraded” to get rid of impurities, so that it is nearly pure methane, and injected into the natural gas pipeline system in the USA. According to the EPA, landfill gas presents a major opportunity to capture and use a significant and often-wasted energy resource.1

The majority of hydrogen in the USA is produced utilizing Steam Methane Reformer (SMR) technology and natural gas as its primary feedstock with limited carbon capture (Grey Hydrogen)2. Green Hydrogen is produced using electrolysis3, which requires significantly higher amounts of electricity which is expensive in many regions4. PowerTap’s patented modular, onsite SMR production and dispensing system, which improves upon previous generations of hydrogen technology via advanced carbon capture and the use of RNG as the key feedstock, produces Blue Hydrogen.

PowerTap will be commercializing its Blue Hydrogen fueling solutions co-located on existing gas stations where natural gas and RNG are delivered in key markets starting in the Western USA where Green Hydrogen is not economically viable or physically possible due to the lack of sufficient renewable energy sources to produce electricity. “We look forward to being at the forefront of developing the Hydrogen Highway by providing a greener solution using renewable natural gas to support the refueling of vehicles and fleets across the U.S.,” said Kelley Owen, PowerTap’s Chief Operating Officer.

About PowerTap

The Company invested in PowerTap on October 27, 2020 (see the Company’s news release on October 28, 2020). PowerTap is leading the charge to build out cost-effective hydrogen fueling infrastructure through its environmentally friendly intellectual property, product design for the modularized and lowest tier production cost of hydrogen, and launch plan. PowerTap technology-based hydrogen fueling stations are located in private enterprises and public stations (near LAX airport) in California, Texas, Massachusetts, and Maryland. Additional information about PowerTap and the Hydrogen Industry may be found at its website at


Clean Power is an investment company, that specializes in investing into private and public companies opportunistically that may be engaged in a variety of industries, with a current focus in the health and renewable energy industries. In particular, the investment mandate is focused on high return investment opportunities, the ability to achieve a reasonable rate of capital appreciation and to seek liquidity in our investments. A copy of Clean Power’s amended and restated investment policy may be found under the Company’s profile at

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