Completion of HyTrustPlus Project
Completion of HyTrustPlus Project
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The project: “HyTrustPlus – hydrogen economy as a social project” (01.09.2014 – 31.12.2016) identified and examined concepts, processes as well as ideas and positions of a variety of actors who could contribute to establishing a hydrogen economy and create awareness of the issue of hydrogen mobility and economy as well as provide educational work. Generally the HyTrustPlus project results support and substantiate the results of the preceding project HyTrust (2009-2013):

Green hydrogen can constitute an important building block of the energy changeover that is accepted by society.
Hydrogen economy concepts on a regenerative basis have the potential to be convincing on a broad scale in the discourse about tomorrow’s energy provision.

A prerequisite however is that from the very beginning hydrogen should be produced from renewable energies and that energy remains affordable for all. State support of a green hydrogen industry will be clearly supported. In terms of actors already active in the hydrogen economy, i.e. companies, municipalities or individual people, there is a consensus that in the early innovation phase of the use of hydrogen technology, cross-sectoral cooperation is important in order to share technical, regulatory and commercial expertise and to minimise the financial risk.

In the 8 sub-projects under the main project it was clear: the demand side interested in the issue of hydrogen in the electricity, mobility and heating sectors lacked concrete and transparent prepared information on technological properties, available products, costs, fields of application and contact partners, in order to move the existing acceptance attitude on hydrogen towards action-based acceptance. The issue of hydrogen and fuel cells as well as the activities of the “hydrogen community” are not visible enough in daily life of the energy changeover and for broader sections of the population in Germany. Equally the existing political, legal and structural framework conditions (including legislation) and the current cost structures can be seen as obstructive in terms of creating a hydrogen economy. For regions, hydrogen has generally shown itself however to be a suitable element towards achieving their own energy and climate protection goals. Because the implementation of the energy changeover for the large part takes place on regional or local levels, the involvement of municipalities and regions is especially important. In the course of strategy dialogues in the Steinfurt region, the Position paper „DIE STEINFURTER FLEXKRAFTWERKE - Position paper of the regional actors from the Steinfurt district“ as well as the overlapping Concept study “DIE STEINFURTER FLEXKRAFTWERKE – a region implements the energy changeover“ were drafted. These provided an insight into the integration of hydrogen in the regional activities of the energy changeover.

Further information and results can be found (in German) here

The HyTrustPlus project was worked on through a consortium – consisting of the Innovation Centre for Mobility and Societal Change (InnoZ), IFOK GmbH, re:member – Wandel mitgestalten, Spilett New Technologies GmbH and VKP engineering GmbH.

The project was commissioned in the framework of the National Innovation Programme for Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Technology (NIP) from the Federal Ministry of Transport and Digital Infrastructure (BMVI) and coordinated by the National Organisation Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Technology (NOW).