Could hydrogen provide an on-farm solution to energy storage issues?
author Added by FuelCellsWorks, September 21, 2015

Could hydrogen provide an on-farm solution to energy storage issues for Scotland’s farm renewables sector?

NFU Scotland will use the opening meeting of its Renewables Development Initiative (RDI) autumn programme to visit the innovative Levenmouth Community Project at Methil in Fife on Thursday 1 October.

Energy storage has been a key topic at many of the RDI open days, especially as grid connection constraints hinder an increasing number of renewable energy projects.

Event hosts, the Levenmouth Community Group, were awarded £4.3M from the Local Energy Scotland Challenge fund in July 2015. It is an ambitious scheme which will be located at the Hydrogen Office in Methil, Fife and will generate renewable energy for use in creating hydrogen gas to run a fleet of up to 25 hydrogen vehicles.

The scheme will also use hydrogen as an energy store for grid balancing on the local energy park. This event is an exciting opportunity to explore hydrogen storage advances, electrolysis, fuel cells and the potential for hydrogen generation to be applied on farm in Scotland.

Iain Todd of the Levenmouth Community Project said: “Many farmers have the potential to develop renewable assets on their land – be that wind energy or solar energy, biomass or anaerobic digestion. But they may have no way to export that energy through the national grid.

“Converting the energy into hydrogen provides a workable alternative, and applications for the hydrogen fuel are slowly growing. This event will discuss the farming opportunities provided by this exciting new technology.”