CP Shares Image Colours and Update on its Hydrogen Locomotive Project

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Fuel Cells Works, CP Shares Image Colours and Update on its Hydrogen Locomotive Project
  • CP’s Hydrogen Locomotive Program aims to develop North America’s first line-haul hydrogen-powered locomotive.

The program involves retrofitting a line-haul locomotive with hydrogen fuel cells and battery technology to drive the locomotive’s electric traction motors. The Hydrogen Locomotive Program has the potential to significantly reduce greenhouse gas emissions from locomotive operations, supporting CP’s Climate Change Commitments and the transition to a low-carbon future in the freight rail sector.

H2 0EL

In the fall of 2021, the first hydrogen locomotive, “H2 0EL”, which stands for Hydrogen – Zero Emissions Locomotive, will be prepped for its official painting and launch. Each design element of the locomotive articulates the impact of this innovative, sustainably driven project. The blue and green paint colours represent sustainability, water and technology. The H2 0EL wordmark features angled typography to symbolize movement and progress in action.

Once launched, CP will demonstrate and evaluate the technical performance of hydrogen-powered locomotives and supporting fueling infrastructure in real-world operations.

“This is a globally significant project that positions CP at the leading edge of decarbonizing the freight transportation sector,” said Keith Creel, CP’s President and Chief Executive Officer. “CP will continue to focus on finding innovative solutions to transform our operations and implement our Climate Strategy, positioning CP and our industry as leaders for a sustainable future.”

The work builds on CP’s prior experience with testing low-emitting locomotive technologies, including biofuels, compressed natural gas and battery-powered solutions. Nearly the entire freight locomotive fleet of all railway operators in North America consists of diesel-powered units, representing the industry’s most significant source of greenhouse gas emissions. The ability to retrofit diesel locomotives with a zero-emission technology provides a practical pathway to decarbonizing the freight-rail industry.

CP has long focused on energy-saving initiatives as a core component of its sustainability practices. Since 1990, CP has improved its locomotive fuel efficiency by more than 40 percent through a variety of programs and technology deployments designed to improve fuel economy and reduce air emissions. The application of leading practices, emerging technologies and relationship building across the value chain and industrial sector will remain critical as CP works to implement our Climate Strategy and achieve our science-based emissions reduction targets.


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