CPC Corp. Investing in Applications to Produce Hydrogen
CPC Corp. Investing in Applications to Produce Hydrogen
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By Kuo Chia-erh: Taipei Times

The firm said it was also investing in applications for the pure hydrogen it produces in its refining processes, to which end it issued ‘green’ bonds

Staff reporter, in KAOHSIUNG

State-run CPC Corp, Taiwan (CPC) on Friday said an ongoing capacity expansion project at its refinery facilities in Kaohsiung’s Dalin Township  which cost more than NT$20 billion (US$659.96 million), would be finished by the end of this month.

The three new plants at the refinery would produce lower sulfur refined products, which would ensure the firm’s competitiveness, refinery deputy manager Chen Cheng-hsi, said.

The new plants are expected to boost the refinery’s capacity from 300,000 barrels per day to 350,000 barrels, while helping the company to produce more “green” products, Chen told a news conference in Kaohsiung.

Established in 1969, the 500-hectare Dalin refinery serves as a major oil supply and transfer hub for the nation’s petrochemical products.

In a bid to raise energy self-sufficiency, CPC said it has been investing in research and development on hydrogen fuel cells for several years.

“We are trying to use hydrogen to generate electricity for a naphtha cracker in Kaohsiung’s Linyuan District ,” said Yen Tzu-hsiang , a researcher at CPC’s Green Technology Research Institute in Kaohsiung.

CPC said it is exploring business potential in this cutting-edge technology, as it generates high-purity hydrogen during refining processes.

Global carmakers have used the technology to build fuel-cell electric vehicles, Yen said.

Japan plans to build hydrogen fuel infrastructure ahead of the 2020 Olympic Games in Tokyo, while several Japanese carmakers — including Toyota Motor Corp and Honda Motor Co — have launched hydrogen fuel cell-powered models, he said.

CPC said it would begin a trial run of its hydrogen fuel cells next year with help from a low-temperature fuel cell system provided by the Hsinchu-based Industrial Technology Research Institute.