CPSL Group are now the proud owners of a Hydrogen powered van
CPSL Group are now the proud owners of a Hydrogen powered van
author Added by FuelCellsWorks, January 24, 2017

Electric vehicles have come a long way in recent years, but with the added fuel reserve of the Hydrogen fuel tank, the range that our van can now travel has been extended somewhat. You could quite easily drive from Manchester to London, using a combination of the electric motor and the Hydrogen engine too. And the best bit is, there’s still no harmful emissions to worry about. Hydrogen is the fuel of the future and can be made from rainwater and renewable energy.

Th eco friendly motor has been designed by CPSL Group and can be refuelled in around three minutes, giving a driving range of approximately 300 miles.

Marc Stanton, CPSL Group’s Communication and Global Acquisition Director says “The van is actually an electric Renault Kangoo, but comes fitted with a small Hydrogen tank and a Hydrogen fuel cell that produces the electricity to keep the van’s batteries topped up. Therefore the batteries never go flat or need recharging”.

CPSL Group manufacture the world’s only small-scale Hydrogen refuelling station that can fit in a 20ft pod, which can fit in a car parking space. This means that a company could use hydrogen powered vehicles to replace their existing diesel vans and cars, and could produce all of the fuel for free, from rainwater and solar panels. Energy costs are one of the major overheads for all businesses and renewable energy can offer a fabulous way to reduce or even eliminate these costs.