Cummins: Norway’s Largest Grocery Wholesaler Gives Hydrogen a Spin

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Four electric Scania trucks powered by Cummins’ hydrogen fuel cell modules are beginning operation in Trondheim, Norway as part of a first-of-its-kind pilot with ASKO, Norway’s largest grocery wholesaler. Focused on resource efficiency, low emissions, and sustainable development for its extensive distribution network, ASKO has entered a new phase with the trucks being put on the road as part of their fleet.

And it marks a new phase for Cummins too. This successful integration is one of many supported by Cummins’ new HyPM™ HD Fuel Cell Power Modules line up. With the acquisition of Hydrogenics, Cummins is now able to provide a full product line of hydrogen fuel cell modules with a track record of being successfully integrated into numerous heavy and medium-duty trucks, buses, trains, planes, and boats worldwide.

“We are excited to see these trucks begin operation and are proud to provide marketing-leading solutions to ASKO and Scania that support their operational and sustainability goals,” said Amy Adams, Vice President – Fuel Cell and Hydrogen Technologies at Cummins. “Our fuel cell power modules are well suited to address Norway’s climate and terrain conditions, and we look forward to obtaining valuable insights from their performance as part of ASKO’s fleet.”

When ASKO began exploring alternative fuel and powertrain solutions for its truck fleet in 2017, hydrogen stood out as an appealing zero-emissions option for long haul electrified transport and early tests showed that the technology worked quite well in colder climates. The 27-ton trucks’ internal combustion engines have been replaced with an electric engine, which is powered by fuel cells fed with hydrogen and managed with rechargeable batteries. The lightweight hydrogen storage system, weighing in at 33 kilograms, provides the trucks with an impressive 400-500 km range using a single 90 KW High-Density Fuel Cell Power Module.

“We are happy to have the most competent partners contracted for this project, including Scania for the electric truck, and Cummins/Hydrogenics for the integrated fuel cell and tank system,” said Jørn Arvid Endresen, Chief Executive Officer of ASKO Mid Norway.

This pilot is the first of its kind for ASKO and will serve as the basis for further learning and development for the fleet and operations. In addition, it is putting ASKO on the path to reducing energy consumption by 20 percent, becoming a self-sufficient provider of clean energy, using 100 percent renewable fuel.

Learn more about hydrogen-based fuel cell solutions, which emit no pollutants from the tailpipe – just water!

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