Danish Energy Agency Names Greenlab, Siemens Gamesa & Brand Brint Hydrogen Projects as a Regulatory Test Zones

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As the first companies, Brande Brint and GreenLab Skive now have a freer framework for testing and designing the green energy solutions of the future. This is done as part of a special test scheme, which exempts them from some of the current rules in the field.

In addition to GreenLab, the Danish Energy Agency also names Siemens Gamesa’s hydrogen project in Brande as a regulatory test zone.

For Denmark to become a greener society, new thinking and innovation in the field of energy are needed. It requires an ongoing adjustment of the applicable rules that ensure the best conditions for companies. Brande Brint and GreenLab Skive are the first to join a test scheme where companies’ projects are exempted from a number of current rules and regulations in the field of energy. This allows companies to gain concrete experience that can be used to optimize legislation.

“Our ambition is for Denmark to have the most flexible and well-integrated energy system in Europe. GreenLab Skive and Brande Brint must contribute to this, now that we give them a freer framework for developing the green energy solutions of the future. The important experiences that companies gain must help to secure our position within green energy forms such as Power-to-X, ” says Minister of Climate Dan Jørgensen.

The Danish Energy Agency has allocated the companies a so-called regulatory test zone, from which they can carry out their demonstration project over a number of years. Both companies focus on the production and development of green hydrogen.

Brande Brint is carrying out a technology development project over two years, where a hydrogen production plant is connected directly to a wind turbine to investigate the possibilities for, among other things, offshore production. At GreenLab Skive, a group of green companies are working purposefully to develop Power-to-X. It is the first place in the world where a large-scale Power-to-X plant comes into operation.

Power-to-X could be Denmark’s next “winning adventure”. Not only can the technology contribute with CO2 reductions in the long term in Denmark, it also has the potential to become a significant export product – both in terms of technology and know-how, ” says Minister of Climate Dan Jørgensen.

The Danish Energy Agency continuously monitors the development in the allocated test zones, at the same time as new applications are still open.


  • In a regulatory test zone, selected innovative energy and supply solutions may be granted a temporary derogation from rules that prevent the implementation of projects.
  • The test zone scheme is based on the political energy agreement from 29 June 2018, where it has been decided to launch a number of initiatives to promote the development of a smart and flexible energy system in Denmark.
  • Among other things, a company can apply for the opportunity to test a more efficient use of energy and energy savings or concrete digitization solutions.

Source: Danish Energy Agency/GreenLab


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