Danish Government Takes the Lead Against Climate Changes and Creates Momentum for Hydrogen

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Hydrogen Denmark

With the single most ambitious climate and energy policies in the world the newly elected Danish government firmly reinforces the country’s position as a green leader.

The new government has set the goal of a 70% CO2-reduction by 2030 which is groundbreakingly ambitious and puts Denmark in poll position in the efforts against the devastating climate changes we face globally. These efforts will prove difficult and great challenges lie ahead but Denmark has a strong tradition of research, entrepreneurship and public investments in sustainable solutions that has put the nation at the forefront of green innovation.

While the concrete path towards the climate goals may not have been paved yet these goals set the course for immediate action. As Hydrogen Denmark’s CEO, Tejs Laustsen Jensen, states in a comment: “The importance of cementing the national and international goals in policy cannot be overestimated. It sends a clear signal to businesses, utility services and as well as research and science institutions. This creates a stability that facilitates investments in new and innovative solutions in a wide range of fields – from energy conversion and storage, to transport, industry, agriculture and construction etc. Climate considerations will be an incorporated variable in all policy equations which is a groundbreaking approach to public policy.”

According to Tejs Laustsen Jensen the need for new green solutions will be especially advantageous for hydrogen and fuel cell technologies, not least due to the massive build-up of offshore wind. “In Denmark we consider ourselves world champions in the production of RE because we chose to make sustainable energy a political priority years ago. The government proposes massive investments and expansions in particularly offshore wind energy and the natural next step towards fossil independence is securing the integration between the sectors within the energy system as well as storage and conversion into other sectors such as transport. There is no doubt that hydrogen and fuel cell solutions will play a crucial role in this regard and will be a vital tool in the efforts to reach the new targets.”

But the new policies are not only beneficial to the climate according to Mr. Jensen “There are tremendous potential for new businesses, job creation and export in this stage of the green transition. Denmark will be a hub for Hydrogen and “power2X”facilities with some of the best conditions in the world. We have already proven that sustainability also makes a good business case, for instance in the wind turbine industry. I have no doubt that we can draw on our experiences and groundbreaking scientific research to emulate the great success from harnessing the wind to this next chapter in Danish energy history. Denmark is in the international elite when it comes to developing and implementing hydrogen and fuel cell technologies and from this position the new political push will catapult us into a new, green Golden Age.”

For questions or further information contact CEO, Tejs Laustsen Jensen, at (+45) 26 23 94 43


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