Denmark: Green Light for Hydrogen Taxis

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The Danish government has presented a detailed plan to kickstart the green transition for the taxi sector. All new taxis must be zero emission cars from 2025 and from today, green taxis will enjoy several benefits in comparison to fossil fueled taxis. The political agreement guarantees 300 taxi licenses for green taxis and ensures a variety of incentives for both companies and consumers to choose sustainable transportation. 

The hydrogen industry praises the government and the parties behind the tax law (V, LA, K, S, DF, RV and SF), for today's agreement several green taxis. 

Today's agreement is an important step in the work of getting more green transport. Hydrogen tariffs are already running in Copenhagen, and we look forward to getting many more on the roads all over the country, and this gives today's agreement the opportunity ”, says Tejs Laustsen Jensen, CEO for Hydrogen Denmark. He continued, “It’s very positive that all Danish taxis will become green. Taxis contribute hugely to the levels of CO2-emissions, especially in city areas, and therefore we welcome the new benefits for taxis”

All taxi drivers who own a zero-emission car, such as a hydrogen fueled car, will be guaranteed a taxi license, of which there only will be issued 500 new ones of in 2019 and 2020, 300 of these licenses will be earmarked for zero-emission vehicles. Also, zero emission taxis will first in line at stations or other (public) transport hubs, so passengers will have easier access to the green alternative.

Hydrogen Denmark’s CEO is looking forward to see more hydrogen taxis in the Danish cities: “Water is the only emission that comes from a hydrogen car. Its engine is soundless, which provides for a pleasant ride for both the passenger and the taxi driver. Also, it only takes 5 minutes to refuel a hydrogen car at a hydrogen refueling station, which fits perfectly with the busy schedule many taxi drivers have.”

Already you can hitch a ride in a hydrogen taxi in Copenhagen, and more hydrogen taxis are coming to the city soon, also supported by the European H2ME2 project. Laustsen: “Now that the Danish government also commits itself to make the taxi sector green, we will see much more hydrogen fueled taxis in Copenhagen and the other Danish cities. It is an important step towards the green transition.”

Bart Biebuyck, Executive Director of the Fuel Cells and Hydrogen Joint Undertaking is also very pleased to see the Danish implementation of an initiative that further advances a growing fleet of FCEVs on the roads of Denmark: “Hydrogen taxis are becoming increasingly popular in European capitals thanks to the FCH JU funded projects such as H2ME2. Hydrogen is the ideal fuel for taxis due to the long driving range and a short refill time of only 3 min. Moreover, Hydrogen-powered vehicles have no emissions except water vapour, which make them an ideal solution for reducing traffic pollution in the cities. I hope that we will soon see many more of them in Denmark and in Europe.” 

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