Denmark Receives Funding for 200 Hydrogen Fuel Cell Powered Buses
Denmark Receives Funding for 200 Hydrogen Fuel Cell Powered Buses
author Added by FuelCellsWorks, October 03, 2018

The hydrogen industry in Denmark is thrilled that the EU has today selected the H2BusEurope project to receive about 40 million euros in grants. It is expected that the subsidy will bring about 200 hydrogen buses to Denmark, and potentially 10% of Denmark's city buses can run on hydrogen in a few years. "It's a huge step forward - both for the industry and for the conversion of green transport - and it could potentially help bring Denmark into the global superstition when it comes to fossil-free transport and utilization of wind energy," says Brettgren's director, Tejs Laustsen Jensen in a comment.

It is the EU program Connecting Europe Facility program (CEF), which has selected the project with Danish participation in support, and is The company NEL Hydrogen from Herning, behind the project. The purpose of the project is to get 600 hydrogen buses on the streets in selected parts of Europe, from here they approx. 200 in Denmark.

The hydrogen industry director, Tejs Laustsen Jensen, welcomes the news, which he denotes as a breakthrough for green transport.

"The transport sector has been the ever-changing painchild of green change, but with potentially 200 buses on Danish roads, this is a very important step in the right direction. At the same time, we know that buses are typically driving in urban environments, where there may also be air quality challenges, and here too there will be a significant improvement with a large number of hydrogen buses on the roads as hydrogen buses do not emit anything but water, "says Tejs Laustsen Jensen.

The hydrogen director also points out that the many buses can have other positive consequences for the green change.

"By nature, hydrogen buses use hydrogen, and by producing it on the basis of wind turbines, one can help balance the electrical system while bringing green power into the transport sector. It is one of the areas that should be addressed in the government's climate plan, because even if the project like NEL and others. Having got the EU backing to today is big, so by nature it's far from enough. There is a need for a comprehensive plan to change all parts of the transport and, in particular, see it in conjunction with wind turbine expansion, etc. It should be central to the climate plan, "says Tejs Laustsen Jensen, who concludes that in addition to the Green transport, also Danish jobs in the project.

"Denmark is world-wide in terms of green energy and hydrogen and fuel cell technology, and much of the infrastructure to be used will be" Made in Denmark ". But the potential is far greater, and here too, there is a need for a strong home market, so it also requires a Danish initiative in the field, "concludes Tejs Laustsen Jensen.

Source: Hydrogen Denmark