Denmark’s First Hydrogen Buses Officially Inaugurated in Aalborg

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Denmark Buses Inaguration
  • Denmark’s first three hydrogen buses have been in operation in North Jutland since April, but now they have been officially inaugurated.

Thursday marked a milestone in the transition of public transport. Three hydrogen buses are already running in North Jutland, and have been in operation since April, and yesterday they were officially inaugurated. 

Minister of Transport Benny Engelbrecht (S) and regional chairman of North Jutland, Ulla Astman (S), were responsible for the ceremonial cutting of red ribbons at both the buses and the refueling plant. 

Denmark Buses Inaguration 3

The buses are another step on the road to the conversion of public transport to sustainable fuels. The three buses are built by the Belgian bus manufacturer, Van Hool, and the fuel cell modules are produced by Ballard in Hobro. 

About the inauguration, Ulla Astman told TV2 Nord: “It is a day of celebration for Aalborg and the region that we can take part in such a large project here together with five other European cities and try out hydrogen buses. It is a huge investment of over 11 million. DKK, which has been made to purchase these three hydrogen buses and be part of this project over the next three years. ”
Denmark Buses Inaguration 2
The Minister of Transport agreed that hydrogen buses are important, and emphasizes that North Jutland is very much at the forefront of transport: “It is really exciting that Aalborg is at the forefront here. I have also been involved with the opening of the first self-driving buses in Denmark, and now they are the first hydrogen buses. So it is really exciting to come to North Jutland, which is such an innovative

area in transport. ”

Source: Brintbranchen

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