Dominovas Energy Launches the First Rubicon™ SOFC Project in South Africa
Dominovas Energy Launches the First Rubicon™ SOFC Project in South Africa
author Added by FuelCellsWorks, May 03, 2016

ATLANTA, GA--Dominovas Energy Corporation (OTCQB: DNRG), an energy solutions company dedicated to delivering clean, efficient, and reliable electricity, announces the launch of the first RUBICON™ SOFC system in Johannesburg, South Africa. Launched in partnership with the South Africa-based Edison Power Group (EPG), the 50kW RUBICON™ system is set for delivery and full implementation within 90 days and will serve as a demonstration unit for future Edison Power Group sponsored multi-megawatt, utility scale deployments in Africa. The 50kW RUBICON™ produce over 430,000 kilowatt hours of clean, fuel cell generated electricity each year. The 50kW RUBICON™ proof of concept "showcase" unit will be the first solid oxide fuel cell (SOFC) unit to serve baseload capacity anywhere on the African continent.

"South Africa has historically been the energy vanguard and continues to set the pace on the continent for renewable energy solutions and broad-based energy reform by advocating for the adoption of new technology applications for clean power generation. Edison Power Group's commitment in supporting the RUBICON's™ first system in South Africa represents a watershed moment in a series of monumental achievements and milestones for us," stated Shantan Reddy, Chief Executive Officer of Edison Power Group. Dominovas Energy Chairman and CEO Neal Allen added, "Dominovas Energy is honored to have Edison Power Group as a partner, as it has been a stalwart leader in the development and deployment of electricity infrastructure and is a true leader in the electricity sector, not only in South Africa, but also within Africa as a whole. With the vision and leadership of Mr. Reddy and the support of Edison Power Group, the introduction of the RUBICON™ represents a true paradigm shift for the delivery of electricity by Edison Power Group on what will eventually be based upon multi megawatt platforms."

Michael Watkins, COO and President of the Fuel Cell Division, states, "Given the Company's current production schedule, we could not be more excited about the opportunity before us today. By August of this year, Dominovas Energy will have the first RUBICON™ SOFC unit operating in sub-Saharan Africa -- more than a year in advance of the commercial operations date (COD) for our first scheduled deployment." Watkins went on to say, "The partnership agreement with Edison Power Group includes the minimum deployment of 50MW over the next 5 years of Dominovas Energy's RUBICON™ fuel cell system."

When asked about the significance of the 50kW RUBICON™ showcase unit, Dr. Pat Naidoo enthusiastically replied, "This showcase [of the RUBICON™] cannot be overstated, as it ushers in a new era of beneficiation of South Africa's mineral resources; industrialization, and job creation. The fuel cell represents a transformation for the economy of sub-Saharan Africa in energy that has not been seen since the introduction of the cell phone to the telecom industry in the region." Dr. Naidoo is an esteemed associate professor of electrical power engineering at the Durban University of Technology (, is a non-executive member of ESKOM's Board of Directors (, and is a senior member of IEEE. He is also a special consultant to Dominovas Energy.

This announcement affirms Dominovas Energy's commitment to excellence and the continuous advancement of innovation by engineering multi-megawatt platforms for the deployment of RUBICON™ NextGen technology, which will in turn serve to further diversify the mix of clean sustainable and renewable sources of energy throughout sub-Saharan Africa. "Without question, Dominovas Energy is revolutionizing the manner in which electricity will be delivered in Africa for years to come," expressed Dr. Shamiul Islam, Dominovas Energy's Executive Vice President of the Fuel Cell Division.

The deployment of the "showcase" 50kW unit is being made possible via the continued partnership and collaboration with its system integration partner AVL Gratz, Ghmb and with stack supplier SOLIDPower SpA of Mezzolombardo (TN) Italy, ( for the production and delivery of the 50kW RUBICON™ showcase. Ongoing, Dominovas Energy will continue to engage with AVL and SOLIDPower to support its multi-megawatt deployments in South Africa.

About the Edison Power Group (EPG) 
Edison Power Group, the oldest electrical contracting company in South Africa (34 years), is driven by its determination to be the leading company in the electrical industry through the provision of cost effective, efficient services and a commitment to increasing shareholder value whilst improving the quality of life of all South Africans. The company specializes in electrical installations in all aspects of the electrical industry including commercial, industrial, HV and LV reticulation, township reticulation, fiber optic installations, live line installations, smart metering, wind and solar EPC and substation and transformer installations.