Braley Receives First Hydrogen Vehicle
Braley Receives First Hydrogen Vehicle
author Added by FuelCellsWorks, April 11, 2016

Braley, based near Rodez in France recently recieved its first Kangoo ZE-H2 vehicle.

Braley’s project for deploying an Hydrogen Refuelling Station for a local fleet of Kangoo ZE-H2 light duty vehicles is part of the H2ME european project and as such has received funding from the FCH-JU. The project is also including the deployment of a big electrolyser from Areva H2Gen that will be using renewable electricity provided by hydro power. Indeed, the local French Department of Aveyron produces about 12% of the national hydro-power electricity.

With enthusiasm, Ludovic Braley (site manager) and Aurélie Brunet (engineer) welcomed this first hydrogen car. The vehicle is equipped with an electric motor plus an extender for the hydrogen tank plus a fuel cell; battery converts hydrogen into electricity that powers the vehicle and batteries; the latter will have a longer life because they will be recharged regularly. These first vehicles are dual-function pending the supply station (single or hydrogen-electric). An autonomy of 300 km with 350 bars tanks is announced, and the car, bus or truck with Full H2 pressure then increased to 700 bars and autonomy is brought to 600 km. Pollution is almost zero and a fill-up is made in 5 minutes.

The hydrogen filling station Sébazac open at the end of 2016 and the production station is planned for June 2017. The work started but the site remains open for customers, says Ludovic Braley. So, hydrogen will be produced locally by promoting electricity during periods of low consumption (called fatal electricity generated and not consumed) by an electrolysis process: separating the hydrogen and oxygen molecules using renewable electricity. This project is in the DNA of the Aveyron department leading producer of renewable energy. An investment of 3.5 million who receive aid from Europe, the region and the department. This is the first Deep South of the production station which will come in fifteen months.