Doosan Fuel Cell Signs MOU for Technology Development of Hydrogen Fuel Cell Using Biogas

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Fuel Cells Works, Doosan Fuel Cell Signs MOU for Technology Development of Hydrogen Fuel Cell Using Biogas
  • Korea Western Power develops a business model that directly injects biogas with KEPCO technology into hydrogen fuel cells

Doosan Fuel Cell signed an MOU with Korea Western Power and KEPCO E&C on a ‘living biogas (clean hydrogen) joint project’ at Doosan Tower in Dongdaemun, Seoul on the 22nd of October.

The signing ceremony was attended by Kim Seong-gyun, head of growth business division at Korea Western Power, Kim Dong-gyu, head of new energy business division at KEPCO E&C, and Lee Seung-jun, head of sales division at Doosan Fuel Cell.

Doosan Fuel Cell is one of the measures to actively respond to the government’s hydrogen economy policy and the Clean Hydrogen Mandatory System (CHPS). I got involved in this project. Currently, 80% of the biogas produced annually is used for power generation and self-use, and the remaining 20% ​​is not used.
*Biogas: A gas generated when organic waste (wastewater, food, livestock manure, etc.) decays and decomposes in an enclosed space, and 60% of it is composed of methane (CH4).

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Doosan Fuel Cell Sales Division Manager Lee Seung-jun (center), Korea Western Power’s Growth Business Division Director Kim Seong-gyun (left), and Korea Electric Power Technology’s Energy New Business Division Director Kim Dong-gyu are signing the agreement.

The three companies have decided to develop an eco-friendly and high-efficiency energy business that directly injects pure biogas from unused biogas into hydrogen fuel cells. Doosan Fuel Cell plans to develop hydrogen fuel cell technology exclusively for pure biogas and supply main equipment, while Korea Western Power and KEPCO E&C are in charge of project management and design and construction of pre-treatment facilities, respectively.

An official from Doosan Fuel Cell said, “By concentrating methane in biogas and capturing carbon dioxide, it can be used as natural gas, but additional time and cost are invested in the processing process. It is expected that this will lead to a new business model.”

Doosan Fuel Cell has hydrogen fuel cell models that utilize various energy sources such as clean hydrogen, by-product hydrogen, NG/LNG, and LPG to meet the needs of customers.


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