Doosan Group Forms New Hydrogen Fuel Cell R&D Company ‘Doosan H2 Innovation’

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  •  Established a company specializing in R&D
  • Improving technology development efficiency and speed
  • Doosan Group will gather hydrogen fuel cell development capabilities in one place.

Doosan Group announced on the 30th that it had established Doosan H2 Innovation, a company specializing in hydrogen fuel cell research and development. Doosan Group plans to maximize the synergy of the group’s hydrogen fuel cell technology development by establishing a new company, while also revamping the hydrogen fuel cell research and development (R&D) system that is dispersed in various affiliates such as Doosan Corporation and Doosan Fuel Cell.

The new company will play a central role in the development of Solid Oxide Fuel Cell (SOFC).

Doosan H2 Innovation is leading the development of Korean-style SOFC using Doosan Fuel Cell America (DFCA)’s core technology of Phosphoric Acid Fuel Cell (PAFC), while closely collaborating with R&D departments such as Doosan Fuel Cell and DFCA. system will be built. A Doosan Group official said, “By concentrating our R&D capabilities, we expect quick and efficient decision-making on investments necessary in the early stages of technology and product development.”

Doosan Fuel Cell, which owns SOFC production, system sales, and business rights, is focusing on technology development and business diversification for mass production of SOFC systems and core components, cell stacks. The SOFC system can be applied to various fields such as fuel cells for propulsion of ships as well as power plants. In addition, once the development of the Korean SOFC system is completed, Doosan Fuel Cell will play a central role throughout the entire value chain, from manufacturing to technology improvement, additional business model development, and sales activities. To this end, Doosan Fuel Cell plans to build a new production line to produce SOFC from 2024.

The Korean SOFC, which is being developed by Doosan Group, has higher power efficiency than the existing fuel cell type, and can operate at 620°C, which is lower than the existing SOFC technology that operates at a high temperature of 750°C or higher. Life expectancy is also expected to improve.

An official from Doosan Group explained, “In order to strengthen the competitiveness of the group’s hydrogen business, we recently reorganized our hydrogen-related technology development capabilities, one of which was the establishment of an R&D corporation for the early development of SOFC technology.” Through this, we will develop hydrogen as the group’s core growth engine.”

According to Deloitte, a global consulting firm, the global hydrogen economy market is expected to reach 3,000 trillion won by 2050, and the hydrogen utilization market, which is Doosan’s core target, is expected to reach 1104 trillion won.


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