Doosan Mobility Innovation Signs MOU with Asoa for Development of Multi-Purpose Hydrogen Fuel Cell Drones

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May 22, 2019 |

Doosan Mobility and Asoa for Drones1

Doosan Mobility Innovation Co., Ltd. announced that it signed a MOU for the development of multi-purpose drones using hydrogen fuel cells. 

Through the MOU, the two companies will play a role in the development of drones for the use of power packs (fuel cell for drone) and related technical support. It also agreed to joint research on the commercialization of multipurpose drones using hydrogen fuel cells, a future power technology, through the upgrading of hydrogen fuel cell drones. 

The two companies are expected to overcome the limit of drone operation with the MOU and to create a new public demand market in various fields based on long-term construction. Furthermore, they are leading the construction of SMART CITY and U-CITY As well. 

“We are pleased to conclude an MOU for the development of multi-purpose drones utilizing hydrogen fuel cells, the next generation power source, and early commercialization,” said Kim Hyun-soo, president of Asoa. “We will overcome the limitations of existing drone through long- I hope that more public demand will be generated and activated. ” 

Doosan Mobility Innovation CEO Lee Doo-sun said, “Doosan’s hydrogen fuel cell power pack, which was first introduced through the Drones Korea in January, has received much attention.” We will do our best to make the drones using hydrogen fuel cells early commercialization. ” said.

Meanwhile, Doosan Mobility Innovation is recognized as the best company in the field of drones by carrying out the task of developing industrial multi-purpose service drones using hydrogen fuel cells through the innovative technology development project of the first venture company in Korea. And is expected to mass-produce and launch a hydrogen fuel cell power pack for use.


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