Doosan Mobility Innovation to Develop Marine Control Solutions Using Hydrogen Drones

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  • Signed a business agreement with Marine Works, an information and communication technology company in the shipbuilding and marine sector
  • Developed an integrated control solution that combines a hydrogen drone with an electronic chart table

Doosan Mobility Innovation (hereinafter referred to as DMI) is developing a seaway control solution using hydrogen drones that can fly for more than two hours.

DMI announced on the 19th that it signed a business agreement (MOU) with Marine Works, a company specializing in shipbuilding and offshore information and communication technology, and is developing a ‘marine control solution using hydrogen drones’.

Marine Works is a company that provides ship traffic control and smart ship management solutions by localizing the ‘Electronic Chart Display System (ECDIS)’ that displays all information related to ship navigation.

The two companies will develop technology that helps the ship’s safe operation by providing the images collected and analyzed by the hydrogen drone to the ship’s electronic chart master. Previously, it was difficult for ships to accurately capture illegal ships that were not caught by radar, but real-time monitoring with images using hydrogen drones is expected to ensure that illegal ships can be checked in time and take necessary safety measures preemptively.

DMI CEO Lee Doo-soon said, “Drones are easier to manipulate and operate than helicopters, so they are highly utilized in the sea, such as marine control.” I will contribute.”

Taking this cooperation as an opportunity, DMI is planning to develop a new hydrogen drone for marine control that can withstand strong sea winds and safely take off and land on board. In addition, it plans to further advance the use of hydrogen drones in various areas such as patrol, security, emergency rescue support, and logistics, crossing land and sea in the future

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