Doosan Wins 7 ‘CES 2022 Innovation Awards’ that Include Hydrogen Drones and Fuel Cell Powered Techs

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Fuel Cells Works, Doosan Wins 7 'CES 2022 Innovation Awards' that Include Hydrogen Drones and Fuel Cell Powered Techs
  • Doosan’s eco-friendly future technology was recognized for its competitiveness on the stage where world-class innovative technologies were showcased.

Doosan announced that at the ‘CES 2022 Innovation Awards’ announced on the 11th of November, a total of seven products and technologies were selected as the Honoree.

Doosan’s award-winning products and technologies include: ▲ Hydrogen fuel cell system ‘Tri-gen’ ▲ Waste plastic hydrogenation technology ▲ Solar power plant inspection solution using hydrogen drones ▲ Vertical take-off and landing fixed-wing hydrogen drone ‘DJ25’ ▲ Fully electric All-Electric) loader ‘T7X’ ▲ PFC (Patterned Flat Cable) ▲ camera robot, etc.

  • Showcasing various possibilities with advanced hydrogen utilization technology

One area that Doosan has received particular attention is hydrogen utilization technology. Doosan Fuel Cell’s ‘Tri-gen’, which won the Innovation Award, is a product that can produce hydrogen, electricity, and heat as much as needed at the same time, and is expected to contribute to the expansion of insufficient hydrogen charging infrastructure. Doosan Heavy Industries & Construction won the Innovation Award for its technology that produces hydrogen by pyrolysis of waste plastics.

Doosan Mobility Innovation (DMI) won two awards with its hydrogen drone product. A solution that can inspect hundreds of thousands of solar panels through automatic flight for more than 2 hours in a solar power complex of about 20,000 pyeong, and a solution that can fly for more than 5 hours and 30 minutes by significantly increasing the flight distance and can fly 500km The vertical take-off and landing fixed-wing drone* ‘DJ25’ was selected as the Innovation Award.

*Vertical take-off and landing fixed-wing drone: An airplane-type drone that rises vertically and flies for a long time using wings and flying propellers

  • Proof of competitiveness in future technologies such as electric construction machinery, advanced electronic materials, and robots

Doosan Bobcat’s all-electric compact track loader ‘T7X’ maximizes energy efficiency by removing the hydraulic system and electrifying all driving parts, unlike the existing heavy electric equipment that only replaced the internal combustion engine with electric power. It is an eco-friendly product.

PFC (Patterned Flat Cable), introduced by Doosan Electronics BG, is a connection material made by combining the advantages of copper wire (Wiring Harness) and Flexible Printed Circuit Board (FPCB). It is thin and light, and the length of the cable can be extended as desired by the customer. In particular, when applied to an electric vehicle battery, the mileage can be improved by reducing the weight of copper wires by more than 80%.

Both products were developed by Doosan for the first time in the world and were awarded the Innovation Award in recognition of their technological prowess.

He also excelled in the field of robotics. Doosan Robotics was selected for the Innovation Award for developing a ‘camera robot’ that allows anyone to create professional-level content, even if they have no experience in robotics or shooting. Unlike the camera system using the existing industrial robot, it has a compact size and safety features that can work with people.

The CES Innovation Award is awarded to innovative technologies and products that will lead the world by the Consumer Technology Association (CTA), which hosts the fair.

A Doosan official said, “We have won a meaningful award as an eco-friendly future technology on the stage of global innovative technology competition.


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