EERA JP FCH and Hydrogen Europe Research Publish a Joint Effort on Research KPIs for Hydrogen Technologies

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September 19, 2020 |

Hydrogen Europe Report 2020

The Research community represented by the members of Hydrogen Europe Research and EERA Joint Programme Fuel Cells and Hydrogen have jointly developed a document including novel KPIs for research that can support the definition of a technology target or a specific performance directed to the low-to-medium-TRL.

In the direction to prepare the future activities of the European Partnership on Hydrogen, this document could represent a reference to drive research inside the future programme.

As a result of over a year of in-depth discussions, the two communities have built a set of targets with an outlook of progress up to 2030. This exercise has achieved a first milestone, and a comprehensive list of scientific KPIs has been formulated.

Referring to the high-level KPIs that were formulated within the Fuel Cells and Hydrogen Joint Undertaking (FCH JU) during Horizon 2020, the research KPIs have been organised in several ambits part of the most relevant technologies under development today alongside the whole hydrogen supply and value chain. These indicators should support in the makeup of the challenge towards a fully operational and sustainable hydrogen economy. Targets have been defined for progress in electrolyte research, electrodes and catalysts, stacking and system design, modelling and validation approaches, (non-electrolytic) hydrogen production and hydrogen storage.

The full document of KPIs for fuel cells, electrolysers and hydrogen technologies can be reached here, and together with EERA JP FCH this will be a living document that will be referenced to, updated and improved – both in terms of methodology as in terms of significance – as real research projects will contribute more and more to the materialising market of hydrogen and its multiple applications.

This will be a valuable support for the Annual Working Programmes to be implemented in Clean Hydrogen for Europe.


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