Foshan China: Eight Hydrogen Refueling Stations Will be Operational by End of 2018
Foshan China: Eight Hydrogen Refueling Stations Will be Operational by End of 2018
author Added by FuelCellsWorks, September 12, 2018

In the morning of August 29, the launching ceremony of Hydrogen Refueling Stations Construction 2018 was held successfully at Langsha Road Station. It is estimated that at the end of this year, 8 hydrogen refueling stations will be completed and put into use.

The eight stations are located in Nanhai District, Gaoming District, Chancheng District and Shunde District with an investment from 12.5 million yuan to 29.85 million yuan. Adding the Ruihui hydrogen refueling station in Danzao, Nanhai and skid-type hydrogen refueling station in Sanshui, Foshan is going to have most hydrogen refueling stations in China.

Xu Guo, deputy mayor of Foshan and commander in chief of Foshan counterpart-assisting Yunfu headquarter introduced that there were three aspects of innovation and breakthroughs in the launch of construction: the project is led by Housing and Urban-Rural Development Department instead of no department in charge; except for one new station, others are rebuilt from petrol stations and gas stations, which will realize gas up, hydrogen refueling and charging “three-in-one” mode in the future; local state-own and private capital join to diversify investment subjects.

Hydrogen industry is an important strategic layout of Foshan new energy industry development. With years of endeavor, Foshan hydrogen vehicle industry has obtained staged achievement, hydrogen vehicle industrial chain has begun to take shape, and hydrogen vehicle demonstration and application is leading nationwide.

Hydrogen refueling station construction is the key to hydrogen fuel cell vehicles development. However, as infrastructure, hydrogen refueling stations are in serious shortage. Since this year, Foshan government has proposed the objective of putting 1,000 hydrogen fuel cell buses into use from 2018 to 2019 and building 28 hydrogen refueling stations.