ElringKlinger Subsidiary New Enerday Secures Fuel Cell Contract
author Added by FuelCellsWorks, September 09, 2015

Dettingen/Erms (Germany)–Fuel cell system specialist new enerday, a Neubrandenburg-based subsidiary of ElringKlinger AG, has secured a contract from a major wind turbine manufacturer to supply the latter with alternative energy for the installation of new wind turbines. The agreements were signed in July 2015, and the first fuel cell systems have already been delivered to the customer.

The blanket service agreement concluded between new enerday and the world’s largest producer of wind turbines covers the supply of energy over an initial period of one year with the option of an extension. The annual volume of business under this agreement – in euros – runs into six figures. Calculated on the basis of annual revenue currently being generated by new enerday GmbH, this corresponds to a share of around 25%. In the first year, under the terms of this agreement new enerday will handle the power supply for around a dozen wind turbines while they are being installed. This will span a period of several months and will initially cover sites in Germany and Poland.

The company will be using 1000 W fuel cells operated with conventional LPG cylinders for the full range of AC consumers. The fuel cells emit only a minimal amount of pollutants and produce hardly any noise during operation. What is more, they offer an independent supply of power over a period of up to three months without the need for refilling. The turnkey solution encompasses a high-performance solar module and a fuel cell to create an innovative hybrid system that guarantees independent, 24/7 power supply wherever deployed by the customer. The electrical efficiency of the fuel cell systems is almost twice as high as that achieved by generators powered by a gasoline or diesel engine. In the past, the customer deployed conventional diesel-fueled generators for power supply during the construction of its wind farms. By switching to the new enerday fuel cell system, the company will be able to reduce its operating costs by up to 50%. At the same time, CO2emissions will be scaled back by more than 90%. Additionally, the systems are maintenance free and can be monitored remotely.

Dr. Matthias Boltze, Managing Director of new enerday GmbH: “This contract represents a milestone in the young history of new enerday – in terms of both the volume of the order and the opportunity to penetrate new sales markets. It proves that our system operates very reliably and is suitable for day-to-day use. Alongside the growing wind energy market, our fuel cell system is particularly interesting for various fields of application relating to off-grid electricity supply. I am extremely confident that the technologies developed by new enerday can realize their huge potential in this sector and inspire other customers to explore these possibilities.”

Established in 2010, new enerday GmbH develops and manufactures electricity generators based on fuel cell technology. This involves the use of high-temperature solid oxide fuel cells (SOFCs) that are capable of generating electrical energy directly from fossil fuels such as natural gas or LPG.

In July 2014, the ElringKlinger Group acquired a 75% interest in new enerday GmbH. In doing so, ElringKlinger AG has strengthened its business activities in the field of fuel cell technology and extended its own expertise centered around associated electronics, reformer technology and system integration. The focus is on promising new sales markets beyond those serving the automotive industry.