Emil Frey Group and Shell are Committing to Hydrogen Mobility

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The Förderverein H2 Mobilität Schweiz, which was founded in May this year, is growing rapidly. Two of the eight Swiss companies that founded the association or are already members of the association join forces: the Emil Frey Group and Shell (Switzerland) AG in the background.

Hydrogen mobility in Switzerland is taking shape. In addition to the nationally planned infrastructure expansion, more and more manufacturers of passenger cars, buses, commercial vehicles and even trains are investing in the advantages of efficient technology. The members of the Förderverein H2 Mobility Switzerland are actively involved in establishing the filling station network in Switzerland in a timely and private-economical manner. With the two new members, the Emil Frey Group and Shell (Switzerland) AG, this dedicated plan is gaining even more momentum.

Emil Frey Group and Toyota AG

Marcel Guerry, Managing Director of the Emil Frey Group Switzerland: “We can only underline that we see sustainable hydrogen as an important alternative for road mobility in the future. Considerable ranges, short refueling time and zero CO2 emissions are just a few of the arguments in favor of this form of electromobility. Our first Swiss customers who drive the standard Toyota Mirai are thrilled with this technology! It is all the more important that the construction of the filling station network be carried out quickly and comprehensively. »


Shell's General Manager Hydrogen Oliver Bishop explains, “Hydrogen technology is a promising technology, and H2 is a fuel for clean mobility. We assume that this alternative drive from the twenties onwards plays an increasingly important role in markets such as Germany, England, Benelux, the USA and Japan, and also in Switzerland. We at Shell are on course.

More information about the Emil Frey Group, Shell (Switzerland) AG and the Förderverein H2 Mobilität Schweiz can be found at , and .


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