Empa and Migros team up
Empa and Migros team up
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Empa and Migros have agreed on an innovation partnership. Together, they want to promote sustainable and innovative solutions for the transport of goods. Over the next few years, the aim is to use the "move" research and demonstration platform to explore new vehicle drive concepts with lower CO2 emissions and to develop a fleet strategy.

The "move" demonstration and technology transfer platform will enable Empa researchers to develop a comprehensive range of new low-carbon vehicle drive concepts in the coming years, to test them in practice and to develop effective strategies through a fleet simulation system. The energy source is electricity from photovoltaic systems and hydroelectric power plants. On the one hand, this allows batteries to be charged in electric vehicles; on the other hand, one can also convert the electricity into hydrogen for fuel cell vehicles or into synthetic methane for natural gas / biogas vehicles. "Move" can help companies achieve the 2-degree targets defined in the Paris Climate Change Conference (ie limiting global warming to two degrees Celsius).

Exchange between research and practice

The aim of the innovation partnership between Empa and Migros is to support Migros in the further conversion to low-CO2 trucks and, on the other hand, to further develop Empa's "move" platform with Migros' know-how. The collaboration, which will begin in early 2018, is based on the exchange between research and practice. "Only by jointly demonstrating and implementing new concepts for the mobility of the future can Switzerland's climate goals be achieved. For this, cooperation between research and industry is essential. We are therefore very much looking forward to the promising cooperation with Migros, "says Brigitte Buchmann, Member of the Management Board of Empa and Head of the Department" Mobility, Energy and Environment ".

Andreas Münch, Member of the General Directorate of the Federation of Migros Cooperatives (MGB), is looking forward to working with Empa: "With this new initiative, Migros is consistently pursuing its chosen path of achieving a lasting positive effect on the environment with innovative solutions ». Migros is aware of its responsibility as a major cause of traffic. She has been able to shift a large part of the transport of goods to rail, she is the largest user of rail transports in Switzerland. In addition, it is investing in future logistics solutions such as "Cargo Sous Terrain".

move: a research and technology platform for the mobility of tomorrow

"Move" is a research and demonstration platform of Empa co-financed by the Swiss Federal Office of Energy (SFOE). It exemplifies the technical possibilities for climate-friendly, post-fossil and sustainable mobility. The focus is on the transition from fossil fuels to renewable energy. For this purpose, primarily electric, hydrogen and gas vehicles are being investigated in practical use, including the provision of energy / storage and the influence of the energy system on the energy system.

Migros: Transport & Mobility

Migros operates one of the largest truck fleets in Switzerland. Climate-friendly transport of goods is a key component of Migros' climate and energy strategy 2020. For decades, she has relied on sustainable transport solutions. In order to achieve its ambitious CO2 reduction targets, Migros - the number one retailer in Swiss rail freight transport - is constantly working to further increase the share of rail transports, to reduce the emissions of its truck fleet and to continue to use a large proportion of reusable containers. The investment in "Cargo Sous Terrain" is another example of this commitment.