Empati and TNE Sign Strategic MoU to Accelerate Green Hydrogen, Ammonia and Biofuel Production

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Empati and TNE’s partnership focuses on advanced carbon verification technologies, unlocking opportunities for both parties. 

London– Empati, a pioneer in AI-driven carbon accounting and TNE, a leader in innovative renewable energy and biofuel solutions, have announced a strategic Memorandum of Understanding (MoU). This collaboration is set to revolutionise the green energy sector, particularly in the vital yet hard-to-abate sectors of shipping, logistics, and aviation. With the global green hydrogen market projected to grow from $4.3 billion in 2022 to $61.35 billion by 2030, the potential of this partnership to lead industry-wide transformation is enormous.

TNE is looking to leverage Empati’s technology which ensures the fungibility of every carbon tonne removed down to the atomic level. This will enable the scalability of carbon removal projects previously limited by inconsistencies in carbon abatement measurement, which restrict the growth of this much-needed market.

Under the partnership, TNE’s biorefinery projects will combine with Empati’s standards and cutting-edge technology to enable precise measurement of carbon produced and removed across upstream and downstream flows. This integration is pivotal for creating biofuels and fertilisers to comply with stringent global and European Union regulations.

Stewart Dodd, co-CEO of Empati, commented on the collaboration’s scope: “This partnership is significant in our mission to enable the transition to cleaner energy. In collaboration with TNE, our technology sets new standards for verifying and optimising green energy production.”

Ricardo Eiras, COO at TNE, added, “Integrating Empati’s technology within TNE’s projects allows us to meet the rigorous demands of carbon verification required by our partners and regulators. The technology’s real-time nature drives valuable insights through the production process both downstream and upstream, delivering defined metrics across energy production consumption and carbon content of final products.”

The partnership between TNE and Empati will significantly impact the world by addressing critical challenges in high-carbon emitting sectors. The opportunity is large. In 2022 alone, the transportation sector, including shipping, logistics, and aviation, contributed around 20.2% of the world’s total CO2 emissions, making it the second-largest source of carbon emissions globally.

About Empati 

Empati is transforming the energy transition with its pioneering approach to carbon removal. By harnessing advanced AI technology and leveraging globally recognised standards, Empati’s platform streamlines the financing of large-scale projects, accelerating the global transition to cleaner energy solutions. Empati’s innovative platform upholds the integrity and transparency of carbon markets, establishing a new benchmark for accountability. The fungible carbon tonne produced using Empati technology enables capital to be efficiently allocated towards sustainable projects, driving and scaling the rapid adoption of the energy transition worldwide. Founded in 2020 and based in London, Empati is at the forefront of the green energy revolution. To discover how Empati is reshaping the future of carbon removal, visit

About TNE

Founded in 2018 under Diverstock Investments SA, TNE is a cleantech company specialising in innovative solutions to help heavy industries meet carbon challenges while achieving sustainability goals. TNE has built an extensive track record delivering various tailor-made system solutions, operations and maintenance services, and projects across multiple sectors globally. TNE’s proprietary hybrid biorefinery technology enables the production of e-fuels and green chemicals at scale, enabling heavy industries to meet their Net Zero targets. To find out more, visit

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