ene.field, Largest European Fuel Cell Project Holds Workshop in Italy
ene.field, Largest European Fuel Cell Project Holds Workshop in Italy
author Added by FuelCellsWorks, June 27, 2016

Ene.field is the largest european project on stationary fuel cells. To date, it has allowed the successful deployment of more than 500 FC mCHP units across 11 countries and has laid the ground for further EU support to FC mCHP deployment.

Within the ene.field framework, a national dissemination workshop was held on June 23rd in Milan. The aim of the event, which involved local policy makers, institutions and operators, was to inform of the ene.field project findings and of the potential of FC mCHP technologies in driving the energy transition in Italy. This meeting, under the coordination of COGEN Europe, the European Association for the Promotion of Cogeneration, is the first of a series of national workshops that will be organized in different European key markets.

Alberto Ravagni, CEO of SOLIDpower was invited to speak during the workshop. ”Simplification of bureaucracy in Italy is key to a successful deployment of this technology”commented he. “Our country lacks a clear policy strategy that can promote and support the development of the market for FC mCHPs on a large-scale and therefore allow a reduction in manufacturing costs”.

Roberto Francia, managing director of COGEN Europe, closed the workshop: “We are satisfied with this first edition of the ene.field national dissemination event. We are planning to organize periodical workshops in each European country involved in the ene.field project in order to analyze and adresse developments on local policies at support of Fuel Cell technologies”.