ERGOSUP Launches its First Fully Integrated HyRiS Lab Product Station

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French start-up ERGOSUP launches its first fully integrated HyRiS Lab Product station (Hydrogen Refuelling Station) at the chemistry department of Lyon 1 University of Technology (IUT).

This innovative solution corresponds to the specific needs of academic and industrial laboratories.

The installation marks a key stage in the development of ERGOSUP, a start-up based in the south of France. The company designs hydrogen generators employing its unique, patented technology to electrolyse water directly under very high pressure. On 19 June, the company, based in the Drôme region, began the installation of its first compact station to produce and store hydrogen on the university campus.

The solution, used to produce the small quantities of hydrogen needed by research lecturers and students in the university lab, is a first at the IUT Lyon 1 chemistry department, where it will be tested out from the start of the academic year. With this first product commercialization, in an exclusive partnership, following two years of R&D, ERGOSUP is kicking off a new phase in its development thanks to €11 M capital raised in February 2019.

“Aacademic and industrial laboratories. This is the first product in our future range of integrated hydrogen production and storage stations. Thanks to our innovation, IUT Lyon 1 will be the first lab to produce its own hydrogen! With a production capacity at 100 bars from 0.7 to 4 kg per week, it satisfies the specific needs of labs that use hydrogen in their work.

HyRiS Lab has several advantages compared to traditional solutions, in terms of logistics, cost and security. For the ERGOSUP team, which is fully committed to developing these decentralised energy solutions with low carbon impacts, this is a crucial move because it takes us from R&D to implementation, in real operating conditions”, explained Lucile Voiron, Deputy Chief Executive of ERGOSUP.

HyRiS Lab is based on the patented technology developed by ERGOSUP to produce and store hydrogen using very high-pressure electrolysis. Following a prototype phase validated and tested in late 2018, industrialisation and production began in early 2019. A series of five new machines is currently in the early production stages, with a market launch target of late 2019.

Technical data:
Production: 0.7 to 4 kg / week (1 to 5 B50 bottles per week)
Pressure: production and storage: 100 bars
Volume of buffer storage: 2 days (adjustable)


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