ESA approves aid scheme
ESA approves aid scheme
author Added by FuelCellsWorks, July 27, 2017

EEA Authority ESA approves the support scheme for the development of hydrogen stations in Akershus.

The EEA Authority ESA approves the support scheme for a total of NOK 25 million for the development of the hydrogen stations in Akershus, ESA reports on Tuesday according to TDN Finans.

Those operating hydrogen stations in Akershus can apply for support to cover operating costs. Each recipient can receive support for a maximum of three years.

The total budget for each of the five years in the program is NOK 5 million.

Norwegian authorities also plan to grant investment support to the infrastructure needed for hydrogen stations.

Nel and Reitang Group's Uno-X Group will develop several hydrogen stations in southern Norway, including in Akershus, via the company Uno-X Hydrogen AS.