Europe promotes fuel cell buses
Europe promotes fuel cell buses
author Added by FuelCellsWorks, December 27, 2017

NRW: The largest joint EU project for fuel-cell buses up to now kicked off in Cologne in mid-January. From 2018 onward, some 140 vehicles, of which fifty-one will be used in the Cologne, Wuppertal and Rhine-Main regions, are to be purchased as part of the JIVE (Joint Initiative for Hydrogen Vehicles across Europe) project.

The EU is providing some 37 million euros for this purpose. In the MEHRLIN project initi­ated in parallel, Brussels is funding the construction of seven hydrogen filling stations, three of them in Germany.

The magnitude of this project will enable Euro­pean bus manufacturers to obtain economies of scale, which will bring cost reductions for fuel-cell buses.

It will also be demonstrated that hydrogen filling stations with high sales volumes can be operated cost-efficiently and reliably.

The JIVE project will help commercialise fuel cell buses through a large-scale demonstration across five Member States 


  • Deploy 139 FC buses across nine cities
  • Achieve 30% cost reduction versus state of the art 
  • Operate 50% of the vehicles for at least 36 months 
  • Deploy the largest capacity HRS in Europe o Achieve near 100% reliability of HRS 
  • Demonstrate technological readiness of FC buses and HRS o Encourage further uptake