Everfuel and Shell Secure 6M€ in Funding for 20MW Electrolyser in Fredericia

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Everfuel Shell Hydrogen
  • Hydrogen factory in Fredericia receives support

The hydrogen plant in Fredericia has been awarded DKK 48 million in support from the Danish Energy Agency’s pool to support the storage of renewable energy, the board announced on Wednesday, December 18.

The hydrogen plant is being built by Everfuel, which has entered into strategic cooperation with the Shell Refinery (A / S Dansk Shell) and several partners about the project. The project is called HySynergy.

The partners are now working on plans for the Nordic region’s largest so-called Power2X plant. The plant is placed on one area owned by the Refinery and it must have a capacity of 20 MW with a total storage capacity of 10 tonnes of hydrogen.

The plant combines green power with flexible green hydrogen production (electrolysis). And it will be able to store up to five days of production in the related warehouse. This allows you to store wind turbine power from when it blows to when the energy is needed.

The Shell Refinery is already using hydrogen as an important part of the production process the production processes at the refinery can also be adapted to one varying production of green hydrogen and can, therefore, take full advantage of the long winds with high wind production capacity of the plant. The intelligent operation of the plants will support the commercialization and the share of renewable energy that can be phased in.

This will make the refining processes of the refinery greener. The plant and its large-scale production of Hydrogen will thus be able to create a basis for supplying green hydrogen to the transport sector both as an energy carrier in liquid fuels and for direct use in hydrogen-powered vehicles. The plant must be built so that it can be expanded later, up to a capacity of 1 GW.

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