Experts Discuss Hydrogen at HYPOS Forum 2017
Experts Discuss Hydrogen at HYPOS Forum 2017
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Leipzig--Around 150 national and international players in the hydrogen industry, science and politics met for the 3rd HYPOS Forum on 2 and 3 November. The focus of the event at BMW's Leipzig plant was on general conditions and market prospects for green hydrogen.

At the beginning of the forum Dr. Joachim Wicke, CEO of Hydrogen Power Storage & Solutions East Germany (HYPOS) eV, comments positively on the work of the Hydrogen Consortium: "Over the past three years, HYPOS has developed into a powerful network that spans the entire value chain from production to transportation and storage up to the use of green hydrogen in industry, mobility and urban energy supply. "Two of the 25 confirmed projects have already been completed and another eleven are being implemented. In addition, two more HYPOS lighthouse projects were launched in 2018 with the construction of an electrolysis platform to test various electrolysis technologies in Leuna and the exploration of underground salt caverns in Bad Lauchstädt as a hydrogen storage site."The next section of our project is about gradually transforming research results into large-scale industrial applications and viable business models by 2030," Dr. Joachim Wicke continues. 

Earlier Matthias Graf von Kielmansegg assured. Head of Department "Policy Issues; Strategy; Digital change "in the Federal Ministry of Education and Research, the participants, also for the new Federal Government the topics innovation and research are of outstanding importance. With its projects, the HYPOS consortium is making a strategic contribution to the success of the energy turnaround. For Barbara Meyer Department Head of Industry, Innovation and SMEs in the Saxon State Ministry of Economic Affairs, Labor and Transport shows HYPOS the "future of the energy state of Saxony".

In both days of the event, national and international hydrogen experts and representatives of HYPOS member companies gave a series of lectures on the HYPOS projects, the current situation of renewable energies in Eastern Germany, and the legal framework and market situation for green hydrogen technologies. On the second day of the HYPOS forum, HYPOS board member Dr. Ing. Kathrin Goldammer with representatives of industry associations about networking in the hydrogen economy. To the participants of the round belonged dr. Johannes Töpler, CEO of the German Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Association (DWV), Andreas Kuhlmann, CEO of the German Energy Agency (dena), Andreas Frömmel, former board member of the industry association Hydrogen Europe and Frank Gröschl of the German Association of Gas and water specialist (DVGW). 

"As HYPOS we want to be the network for all topics related to green hydrogen," says the managing director of the Reiner Lemoine Institute. "That's why we're interested in using formats such as the HYPOS Forum and the HYPOS dialogues to identify the interfaces to the topics and projects of other networks and to promote the exchange of experience within the hydrogen industry," emphasizes Dr. med. Kathrin Goldammer. "In addition, we will continue to expand our services for our members and make an active contribution when it comes to shaping the framework conditions for the development of the future technology of hydrogen."

The venue for the 3rd HYPOS Forum was the BMW Leipzig plant. The car manufacturer produces not only its e-car i3 and the hybrid sports car i8. In addition, since 2013, a fleet of eleven hydrogen-powered industrial trucks has been used in production, the operation and refueling of which the participants of the HYPOS Forum were able to experience live during a factory tour. The green hydrogen for the fleet, which is to be expanded by another 70 vehicles by 2019, comes from Linde Gas in Leuna.