FCEV Nexo Can And Will Make A Sustainable Future

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Hyundai Nexo Sustainable Future

With Nexo, I left for Gangwon-do where renewable energy is being made, passing by the Mega-city Seoul. Here’s your journey to a sustainable future.

Have we built our own civilization all by ourselves? I highly doubt that. We wouldn’t have been this far if it were not for Mother Earth. Nature has provided us with a proper habitat, and generously shared the resources that we needed to evolve.

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The fact that we need to preserve our ecosystem and maintain it well until we pass it on to our next generation has never been clearer. We need to learn how to live with other beings in nature, and it requires the skills to create a sustainable future. That is why we came up with eco-friendly cars that would go well with hydrogen, with low carbon emission.

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In that sense, the FCEV Nexo would be our future; it can drive up to 609km with a single charge, which only takes about 5 minutes. Also, it purifies fine dust and emits only water while driving. Nexo indeed is an ideal alternative for a sustainable future.

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Nexo boasts its futuristic design that is different from any other vehicle. Whether it is driving in the middle of Seoul or in a quiet countryside, people can’t help but notice it. Nexo’s Copper Metallic hue highlights the image of a decent high-tech FCEV.

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Now we hit the road; leave Seoul, heading Daegwallyeong, one of the cleanest natural areas in Gangwon-do. Just imagining how refreshing it would be to smell the air 1,000 meters above sea level would make you be happy. There is one more purpose in this journey to Daegwallyeong, away from the crowded city center.

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It was because you wanted to take a picture of the wind generators and Nexo together along the ridges. Wind power is one of the best renewable energy sources, along with solar, geothermal, and hydroelectric. Unlike conventional fossil fuels, renewable energy is indeed a sustainable source since it is easily collectible from nature without causing any pollution. Hydrogen that Nexo uses as its fuel can be produced by water electrolysis using renewable energy. What an eco-friendly way to produce hydrogen.

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The green journey from Seoul to Daegwallyeong cost us only a single hydrogen refilling. It was rewarding because it felt as if I was cleaning up the air, reducing greenhouse gas all the way along. Eco-friendly hydrogen is increasingly spreading around us. The hydrogen-powered Nexo is at the center of our sustainable future.

Source: Hyundai

Photo. Lee Seung-Woo


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