FCHgo! Launches International School Contest on Fuel Cells and Hydrogen

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The contest “World of the future: the best FCH application” aims at raising awareness and interest in fuel cells and hydrogen technologies (FCH) among teachers, schoolchildren, and their families.

How could future applications of fuel cells and hydrogen look like? That is the challenge of the contest, which encourages pupils to explore the potential of FCH applications and their significant contribution to European energy targets.

The school contest launched by the EU funded Horizon 2020 project FCHgo! invites pupils from all over the world to imagine future applications of FCH technologies in everyday life. Teams of at least 4 pupils should work together on a project and document in a creative way – through a story, movie, drawing or else – their work. The submitted projects should also have a didactical value both for teachers and for pupils, facilitating better understanding of the way FCH applications work.

Winning teams are invited to an international award ceremony in Brussels

The contest features different school categories, from primary to upper secondary school, and is organized in two stages, national competitions are followed by a final international one. Winners of the international stage are invited to Brussels to present their projects in an award ceremony at the FCH JU annual stakeholder forum.

Participation to the FCHgo contest is not only for pupils

Schools interested in participating can get inspired by the project educational materials published on the FCHgo website. FCHgo is also looking for educational, scientific and industry stakeholders from the sector of renewable energy and hydrogen, which are ready to support the pupils’ learning experience along with the contest. From providing technical/scientific advice to donating prizes for winning teams or sponsoring (national) award ceremonies – there are many opportunities to become an official partner of the FCHgo contest.

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