First All-New Hyundai NEXO Arrives in Switzerland

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First Nexo in Switzerland

With the All-New NEXO Hyundai brings the second generation of the standard hydrogen electric vehicle on the market. The first car arrived and was accepted by Roland Gysel, Swiss entrepreneur and H2 electric driver three years ago and now he will soon be switching from the ix35 Fuel Cell to one of the first Hyundai All-New NEXO arriving in Switzerland. 

A photo session with Bertrand Piccard

This is one of the highlights that entrepreneur Roland Gysel is taking along on the way to his new hydrogen electric vehicle. Both – Roland Gysel, CEO of GYSO AG, and Bertrand Piccard – are ahead of their time and see hydrogen electromobility as a real opportunity to reduce CO 2 emissions in road traffic to zero.

Roland Gysel was one of the first Swiss customers to order the All-New Hyundai NEXO, aware that the Swiss hydrogen filling station network is still under construction. Roland Gysel said, “I have been driving an ix35 Fuel Cell for three and a half years. Meanwhile, the counter shows 59’000 kilometers, which I have traveled all over Switzerland. My conclusion: I am electrically on the road, but I have my own power plant on board with the fuel cell. This has decisive advantages. The hydrogen I can refuel in no time, the range remains quite stable even in winter and the exhaust is only water vapor!

When asked about the few hydrogen filling stations in Switzerland, Roland Gysel says:  “Someone has to make a start. The vehicle is there and the technology is convincing. I had the chance to test the NEXO in Oslo. This is a finished car, looks good, drives absolutely noiseless – there electric – and offers a range that is well over 600 km. For longer distances, in my opinion, it is the right way to use hydrogen. With so many benefits, it can only be a matter of time before the gas station network is in Switzerland. “

Veljko Belamaric, Managing Director of Hyundai Suisse, welcomes the arrival of the first All-New NEXO in Switzerland:  “With the ix35 Fuel Cell we have been proving for almost five years that it works, including in Switzerland. The All-New NEXO is now opening the next chapter and I have great respect for entrepreneurs like Roland Gysel, who recognize the value of this technology and are willing to invest in it. For us, this is an important signal that we can send to Hyundai Motor from Switzerland – all the more so because the Förderverein H2-Mobilität Schweiz is currently laying the groundwork for quickly and efficiently building up the filling station infrastructure. »

From the ix35 Fuel Cell to the All-New NEXO

Hyundai has been researching fuel cell technology since 1998 and has driven the development of technology as a pioneer in this field.

Since 2013, Hyundai has been offering the ix35 Fuel Cell, the world’s first mass-produced fuel cell vehicle. The fuel cell generates electricity for the electric drive by reacting hydrogen with oxygen. Like battery-electric models, Hyundai fuel cell vehicles emit no exhaust gases locally, but only water vapor – with two additional advantages: they can be refueled within a few minutes and achieve impressive ranges. 

From an environmental point of view, the All-New NEXO is leading the growing range of Hyundai eco-vehicles and building on a specific, newly developed platform. The combination of the SUV Crossover with the most advanced technologies of electrification, extensive driver assistance functions and a modern, attractive design Hyundai calls FUV (Future Utility Vehicle).

In the segment of currently available electric vehicles (with battery or fuel cell) offers the All-New NEXO with 666 km (WLTP test), resp. 756 km (NEDC) the longest range. The values ​​can be compared with those of a conventional combustion engine and also allow longer trips.

Another advantage of the Hyundai fuel cell vehicles lies in filtering and cleaning the ambient air. The efficient and durable high performance filter of the All-New Hyundai NEXO can filter airborne microparticles that are smaller than 2.5 microns (PM 2.5). This means that the All-New NEXO enrobes 99.9 percent of the airborne particulate matter that flows through the filter.

Safety is also very important in the All-New NEXO. He was the first vehicle with fuel cell technology by the independent European authority Euro NCAP crash test. The All-New NEXO demonstrated its high level of active and passive safety in all four rating categories and secured the best rating in the overall ranking with five stars. The All-New NEXO protects its passengers as well as other road users thanks to the extensive SmartSense safety equipment and the high body strength.


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