First Croatian Hydrogen Refuelling Station Awarded Best Project of Innovation

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The project is based on the ecological solution of using Solar energy to produce alternative fuel, i.e. hydrogen for cleaner transport, which will reduce air pollution and improve the quality of life in the cities.

This project has been awarded by Croatian Telecom Inc. (HT) as the best project in the category of Innovation.

The main motivating factor of this project was the Paris Climate Change Agreement. If we take the year of 1850 as the reference year (the beginning of the second industrial revolution), global surface temperature has increased more than 1 °C, and with Paris Agreement it is expressed goal to limit the increase to 1.5 °C.

The main objective is to install a solar hydrogen refueling station, the first one in the Republic of Croatia. Use of hydrogen as the energy carrier is unavoidable in power engineering for stationary power plants. Coupled with cogeneration it is the most efficient and cleanest way to convert other energy sources into electricity.

The installation of hydrogen refueling stations, coupled with solar power plants as the main technological backbone of the project, the aim is to ensure the autonomy of the first Croatian hydrogen-powered bicycle as well as to enable the introduction of hydrogen vehicles on Croatian roads.

Source: FSB


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