First Order Placed for Enapter’s AEM Multicore Megawatt-Class Electrolyser System

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BerlinEnapter (WKN A255G0) has received the first order for its AEM Multicore electrolyser, a containerised system for megawatt-class green hydrogen production.

Based on its modular and patented AEM technology, already in use in more than 40 countries, the AEM Multicore provides low-cost, flexible and reliable electrolysis from intermittent renewables. The large-scale system was ordered by the German Steinbeis Innovation Center siz energie+ through one of Enapter’s sales and integration partners, H2 Core Systems. It is scheduled for delivery to the northern German city of Braunschweig in June 2023.

Enapter’s AEM Multicore system will operate at the Braunschweig Research Airport, a leading competence centre for mobility in Europe. It will enable a wide variety of tests, with the green hydrogen it produces being used, among other things, to supply fuel cell test benches. One of the buildings on site will use the waste heat arising from production.

“Supplying buildings directly with locally-generated energy, while also achieving cross-sectoral coupling between electricity, heat and mobility is one of the central challenges of the transformation we are finding ourselves in. With our projects in Braunschweig, we are researching exactly this – and the AEM Multicore will play a key role since it fits our needs ideally with its straightforward, megawatt-scale green hydrogen production and integrated energy management,” says David Sauss, one of the leaders of siz energie+.

The AEM Multicore represents a cost-effective alternative to traditional megawatt-class electrolysers, combining 420 core modules – “AEM Stacks” – into a complete system that can produce ~450 kilograms of hydrogen per day. Enapter thus has a clear goal: to rapidly reduce costs by scaling many small units into a large megawatt-scale green hydrogen plant.

“It was in April of this year that we introduced the AEM Multicore and today we already have the first order. This explicitly underpins our strategy to occupy the market segment of megawatt systems by means of freely scalable and standardised systems,” said Enapter’s CEO Sebastian-Justus Schmidt.

Braunschweig-based siz energie+, a member of the Steinbeis network, offers services in the field of energy and quality management, as well as conceptual design of supply systems. The integration will be carried out by one of Enapter’s sales and integration partners, H2 Core Systems GmbH, through which the AEM Multicore order was placed.

About Enapter

Enapter is an award-winning energy technology company producing highly efficient hydrogen generators to replace fossil fuels. Its patented and proven Anion Exchange Membrane (AEM) technology allows for the mass production of low-cost, plug-&-play electrolysers for green hydrogen at any scale. The modular systems are used in 40 countries in sectors like energy, mobility, industry, heating and telecommunications. Enapter has offices in Italy, Germany, Thailand and Russia.

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