Floating Power Plant Sign Groundbreaking EU Innovation Fund Grant for 26m€

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Floating Power Plant, the Danish pioneer in renewable energy technology, has just signed a transformative grant agreement with the European Commission’s Innovation Fund of 26 m€. This agreement solidifies the EU’s commitment to propel Floating Power Plant’s flagship project, SEAWORTHY, into the forefront of sustainable energy innovation.

SEAWORTHY, an acronym for “Sustainable dispatchable Energy enabled by wAve-Wind OffshoRe plaTforms with onboard HYdrogen,” stands as a groundbreaking initiative that aims to redefine the future of renewable energy. The project integrates floating wind and wave resources to generate electricity while utilizing excess power to produce and store hydrogen, marking a pivotal breakthrough in the pursuit of dispatchable renewable power offshore and the decarbonisation of hard-to-abate areas.

Anders Køhler, the CEO of Floating Power Plant, expressed his excitement about this historic development, stating: “The formalization of this grant agreement marks a key moment not just for Floating Power Plant but for the entire renewable energy landscape. The EU’s steadfast support underscores the maturity, potential, and viability of our technology. With SEAWORTHY, we are on the precipice of demonstrating the commercial benefits of integrating wave and wind energy with hydrogen production and storage.”

Carsten Sonne-Schmidt, Vice-Chair of Floating Power Plant, echoed the sentiment, stating: “This collaboration exemplifies the power of visionary partnerships in driving the energy transition. SEAWORTHY is not just a project; it’s a testament to our collective commitment to sustainable and dispatchable energy solutions. As we embark on this journey, we are confident that our innovative approach will become a new benchmark for what is possible in hard-to-abate areas.”

Floating Power Plant is at the forefront of developing offshore floating solutions for areas such as off-grid platforms and remote islands that have traditionally been hard to electrify and for green hydrogen. The combination of technologies employed by Floating Power Plant creates game-changing dispatchable, reliable, renewable energy. As these technologies mature, the company also aims to deliver large-scale, cost-effective green hydrogen as an export product.

The SEAWORTHY project, situated off the coast of Las Palmas in the Canary Islands at the PLOCAN test site, is poised to elevate Floating Power Plant’s proprietary technology from Technology Readiness Level 6 (TRL6) to TRL8. This ambitious leap will be achieved through the construction, testing, and operation of a commercial-scale demonstration platform featuring a 4.3 MW wind turbine, 0.8 MW wave energy converters, and cutting-edge electrolysers with hydrogen storage and a fuel cell.

“The signing of this grant agreement is not just a formality; it’s a catalyst for expedited deployment of our technology. It positions Floating Power Plant to swiftly validate our innovative approach and contribute significantly to the global transition to sustainable energy,” emphasized Anders Køhler.

The SEAWORTHY project is poised to validate the technology’s immense potential and readiness for broader adoption, aligning seamlessly with the European Union’s commitment to fostering clean and sustainable energy solutions.

Carsten Sonne-Schmidt added, “This project has the potential to reshape how we generate and utilize renewable energy. It aligns perfectly with the European Union’s vision, recognizing the pivotal role of innovative companies in driving the global energy transition.”

About Floating Power Plant

Floating Power Plant is a technology developer and integrator specializing in floating energy platforms.
With a strong focus on innovation and sustainability, the company aims to deliver advanced solutions that harness the power of renewable energy sources, including wave and wind. Floating Power Plant is committed to driving the global transition towards clean and sustainable energy systems. Floating Power Plant comprises two key legal entities within the SEAWORTHY project. The primary beneficiary and coordinator of the project is Floating Power Plant Canaries SLU, based in Spain. Additionally, Floating Power Plant A/S, headquartered in Denmark, is a significant beneficiary contributing to the project’s success.



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