Former Danish Minister of Transport tests Toyota Mirai
Former Danish Minister of Transport tests Toyota Mirai
author Added by FuelCellsWorks, January 17, 2018

Hans Christian Schmidt, member of the Danish Parliamentary Assembly and former Minister of Transport, was to try a hydrogen car with the hydrogen industry director, Tejs Laustsen Jensen, shortly before Christmas.

It was the first time that Hans Christian Schmidt was out of sight of a hydrogen car, and he thought that the Toyota Mirai gave a good impression:

"First and foremost, I think it gives a good driving experience and a really good first impression of hydrogen and fuel cell technology behind trying to drive this one yourself," says Hans Christian Schmidt.

On the way around the Copenhagen streets, Tejs Laustsen Jensen and Hans Christian Schmith got a good dialogue on framework conditions, environment, mobility and, not least, how hydrogen technologies can contribute to the green change.

Toyota Mirai  is the world's first brand-produced hydrogen car and was introduced in 2015. So far, over 4500 Mirais have been produced in Motomachi, Japan. Toyota is in full swing with the 2nd generation development and plans to unveil it in conjunction with the Tokyo 2020 Olympics.

Learn more about Toyota Motors' strategy and plans for hydrogen cars  in this article  from UK WIRED, which focuses on Toyota's stated goal of making the hydrogen car mainstream.

See also the hydrogen industry's video on why hydrogen for transport is an important contribution to the green change here (In Danish).

During the autumn, the hydrogen industry conducted a series of Ride & Drives with politicians and opinion makers to spread the knowledge of hydrogen technology as part of the  HyFIVE project . Here is the hydrogen industry, had  Pia Olsen Dyhr ,  Køge's two mayor candidates  and Jesper Theilgaard with out driving. The HyFIVE project is at the end, but the Brint industry will continue to work on promoting awareness and the framework conditions for hydrogen for transport - both through the EU project  H2ME - but also in our common business, as a federal association for hydrogen and fuel cell solutions.