Framatome’s Covalion to Design and Build Hydrogen Refueling Station for moBiel

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Framatomes Covalion to design and build hydrogen refueling station for moBiel

Framatome, an EDF Group company, recently signed a contract with moBiel GmbH to build a hydrogen refueling station for a pilot hydrogen-powered bus fleet in Bielefeld, Germany.

Framatome’s Covalion team will design, engineer, construct, commission and maintain the hydrogen refueling station, which will supply clean energy to power new city buses that use hydrogen fuel cells. The station is expected to begin operating in December 2021.

“This contract with moBiel GmbH is an important milestone in our development of promising new energy alternatives,” said Catherine Cornand, senior executive vice president of the Installed Base Business Unit at Framatome. “With our advanced technologies and expertise in project management, engineering, equipment manufacturing and systems integration, Covalion’s storage system solutions provide moBiel a comprehensive solution that contributes to its low-carbon transportation initiatives.”

The first four new hydrogen buses will save carbon dioxide from being emitted into the air each day. One hydrogen bus will save more than half of the carbon dioxide emissions over its lifetime when compared to a bus that operates on diesel fuel.

Covalion teams will provide the individual components that span from the transport docking station to the refueling dispenser. Due to the filling station’s modular construction design, moBiel can expand its capacity to support growth as additional city buses are converted to clean hydrogen power.

Covalion is a trademark of Framatome, specializing in systems integration for hydrogen and battery storage solutions. Innovations in advanced hydrogen and battery technologies contribute to a low-carbon economy in the fight against climate change.

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